Sunday, August 23, 2009


One of the simplest pleasures in life is the ability to sit and be yourself with another human being. This is what I would call authentic friendship. I consider myself to be a person who puts herself out there....sometimes. Sure, I blog here, I blog there, I champion authenticity all around, but I find myself forgetting to just be "me" around all I meet. I suppose with anything in life, balance is key. There is no reason to be completely vulnerable with complete strangers, and yet I find myself wanting more and more to just take the moment to smile and be "real".

I am deeply blessed to have so many of those "authentic" friendships. They stretch from Dallas to California to (soon) Louisiana and all in between. Those friendships where I can sit and be quiet and not feel the need to fill the silence with useless chatter. I am able to be smile and laugh and tease and be teased. We share quiet moments of pain and shout joyfully from the rooftops together. It is a gift that I dare not take for granted (though I often do) and I am so thankful for those friendships.

Oh dear! Jade! It is 2 in the morning? What brought on this sudden burst of thanksgiving? Why now, when you should be tucked in your bed dreaming of dancing bears and painted wings, are you thinking instead at the foot of your computer of all these things?

Well, I shall tell you. :) I am working on pictures! Getting caught up on my summer of madness and making CD's left and right and exporting to my website. It is my favorite thing to have finished products and printed photographs in my lap. :) And one of the CDs I am making is that of my dearest friends the Stapper family. :) Chris was my boss at Zephyr and I was blessed to develop a closeness to his sweet little family. They bring a joy to my heart and I count them among my list of authentic friendships. They listen to my crazy ideas, they laugh politely at my lame jokes...and then at me, and they love deeply. I miss them when we are apart but when we get together, it is like no time has passed. And as I was printing a few pictures of them for my fridge, I was suddenly reminded that friendships are such a gift from such a giving God.

So if I don't tell you often enough...I will say it now:
Thanks for being my friend :)

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  1. Authentic friends are such good stuff! I love this picture!

    And I love the hot air balloon in Wesley's room...I've been wanting to cover Finn's ceiling with flying things! I watched the movie Empire of the Sun when I was a kid, and the main character, Jamie's room had all kinds of airplanes hanging from the ceiling. I thought it was so cool!