Monday, September 07, 2009

A Labor of Love

We had a busy Labor Day weekend! Nathan had today off, which I absolutely loved AND Jamie AND my brother were in town this weekend, so it was like Christmas in September for me. We went bowling one of the nights and Jamie, Nathan, and I rented 2 movies this weekend AND we played outside a little bit today with the camera. (Not to mention a scrabble game last night!) It was such fun.

The downside is that Wesley had such a bad fever on Sunday. It started Saturday night and broke last night during the night. I am fairly sure it is his teething. (we can see his giant back molars coming through) He hasn't had any other symptoms (besides excessive fussiness of course) and didn't want to eat. His appetite came back this evening though, so that makes me think he is getting over it. Just pray for him because I want him to be healthy and happy this weekend when our dearest friends the Thornes come to visit!!!!!! We are so super excited to see them for Mark & Maida's wedding on Saturday. :) Aaron is gonna dance the Thriller. He just doesn't know it yet. ;) YAY!

I am in the middle of painting our master bathroom, so I can't sit here and go through pictures and play like I'd like...but I just wanted to just shout out my joy right now. I had a really fun weekend. :) So thankful for those.

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  1. I'm glad you had a fun weekend, but I'm sorry Wesley was sick.

    My brother finally left after being here for a month. We have so much fun, but we goof off the whole time and I get nothing done whle he's here!