Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget

Eight Years Ago
I got to class early that day.
It was BCIS with Mrs. Dearsing.
Ernest Cortinas sat next to me.
Our teacher generally had Fox morning news playing in the background.
That day she turned it up.
We saw that something had hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center
Then we saw the second plane.
We saw the destruction at the Pentagon.
We saw the tragedy in a Pennsylvanian field.
I remember seeing footage of people jumping...or falling.
I remember the deep crunch of grief that welled up in my heart as I saw lives being destroyed.
And the word "terrorist" was suddenly splashed across the screen.
I walked numbly to my next class where we still stayed glued to the tv mounted in the corner of the room.
I saw the towers fall.
My mom called me out of Art that day.
She wanted us all to be home together.
My whole family sat in front of the TV that day watching...and waiting.
I will never forget.
I will always remember.
Such grief and sorrow that September 11th.
My senior year of high school.

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