Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Serious Heat

Wow. So a few things to address here. Our AC unit in our house decided to go to Heaven on Saturday. It was a good run, but it was time. Needless to say our house has been slowly smoldering itself to self-destruction and we moved in with the my folks for a few days while we figured out how to deal with the hunt for a new unit. Well, thanks to the Lawleys, we found a guy who could help us out and he is installing it as we speak (praise the Lord!). Though, I gotta say, I do feel so badly that these men are working so hard just to give me some cool relief from this outstanding heat on this last day of Septemeber....I told the guy this morning, "it's good for us to go without AC every now and then. It reminds us to be thankful for what we have." He said he couldn't agree with me more.

Speaking of the last day of happens to be my big brother's birthday! Woo!! Happy Birthday Brandon! If you know my brother, you will agree with me when I say he is a great guy and deserves the best that can be given! He is a hard worker, a generous friend, a great chef (who coincidentally likes to show off) and a creative genius. He was the best man at my wedding and he is the best Uncle
that Wesley could ever ask for. It's a great joy to my heart to see my brother play with Wesley, knowing that Wes will grow up with the kind of relationship with his uncle that kids dream of. Even though they live far apart, Wesley walks around our house saying "Uncle? Uncle?" and wants to iChat with him on the computer even if it's just for a wave and a high five (virtual high fives rock). He just loves his Uncle Brandon. Annd all the toys that BG likes to spoil him with, I'm sure.
So here's to you, big brother. I hope you have a fantabulous week celebrating you!

Oh and this picture is one of my favorites from the day Wesley was born. :) Uncle Brandon and Wesley :)

Time to get some relief from this heat! As soon as the AC is running again, I am going to sit down and write a nice long blog for you. I know you're all just dying to get inside my head, right ;)

Happy last day of September! Bring on the cool weather, October!

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