Friday, December 11, 2009

Hello friends

So, the last time I wrote on here, I was grieving the loss of a beloved friend. I am grieving still. The term "moving on" really doesn't work around here. Oh yes, we continue to live our lives and do the good work and protect and provide for our family to the best of our earthly abilities. We strive to live goodly lives, reflecting the light and the love of the God we trust. Yet we ache. Because all around us life is breaking down for so many. So many hungry, homeless, and hurting.

This is the season I love best. The lights, the candles, the scents, the colour. It is a treasure to my heart to be able to witness the miraculous beauty of Christmastime. While commercialism and selfish gain often cloud the magic of the season, I can still look out my window at the wintry sky and give thanks for the warmth that spreads in my little home. Love warms our house. Joy and peace and the wonderful fruits of the spirit. I find myself grieving our Joe, but still able to enjoy the laughter of Christmas and that in itself is a powerful thing. Because we do grieve differently than those with no hope. Our hope is in Heaven and Joe is basking in the fullness of true and perfect worship.

I will have to post some pictures of our cozy living room. It is a wonderful sight to behold. The Christmas lights make all the difference :)