Thursday, December 23, 2010


We are loving our first Christmas as a family of four! We pray your Christmas is joyful, healthy, and happy! Celebrate! Have some laughs. Enjoys the smiles of those you surround yourself with. Love deeply, passionately, and fully this Christmas and everyday.

We look forward to teaching our little loves the beauty and magic of Christmastime while walking in faith and seeking the true King of Kings from whom all our joys and blessings flow! It delights my heart to see the grins on the faces of the people I love. Such JOY! And I love having my family all together. :)

Happy Christmas my beloveds!
<3 Jade & co.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1

Monday, December 20, 2010

Camille's Ice Cream

You know how I love to support local business. Coffee Waves is one of my favorites. Hester's Cafe. The Bleau Frog. Janet's Cakery, etc. We have a lot of great local places here in town that I absolutely love and adore and there's a new place I need to make a shout out to. They have hand dipped ice cream and it is oh so yummy! (Can we say peppermint oreo!) Camille's Ice Cream! They are next door to one of my personal favorite places to eat: Freebirds. If you are ever needing a cute place to go on a date (my ideal date) head over to Freebirds. Grab some dinner. Then head over to Camille's next door and grab some dessert. :) They have cheesecake too! (also a personal favorite dessert of mine). Now if only there was a Freebirds and a Camilles inside a BOWLING ALLEY....then that would be my perfect date. :) Non-smoking of course.

Wow, how easily distracted I become...

Anyways, this past Saturday, Nate and I were discussing how we had been wanting to take the boys (yes, it's still weird for me to say "kids" plural hehe) to see Santa. I really wanted a picture, but the line at the mall is horrendous and the cost is just sick to me. Especially since I'm a photographer. Ha! I hate bloated prices. Sick sick sick! (Ok, I could go on and on...)

Thankfully, Camille's had a FREE SANTA picture day and Tawny gave me a reminder call and 2 hours later, my beautiful bambinos and her pretty as a princess Kya were sitting with jolly ol' St. Nick. It was wonderful.

I am in love with the pictures. My sweet little loves first brother's pic with Santa. Wesley and his good buddy Kya got a pic together also.

Thank you Camille's! You made this mama so happy.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Worlds Apart

"Worlds Apart"

I am the only one to blame for this
Somehow it all ends up the same
Soaring on the wings of selfish pride
I flew too high and like Icarus I collide
With a world I try so hard to leave behind
To rid myself of all but love
to give and die

To turn away and not become
Another nail to pierce the skin of one who loves
more deeply than the oceans,
more abundant than the tears
Of a world embracing every heartache

Can I be the one to sacrifice
Or grip the spear and watch the blood and water flow

To love you - take my world apart
To need you - I am on my knees
To love you - take my world apart
To need you - broken on my knees

All said and done I stand alone
Amongst remains of a life I should not own
It takes all I am to believe
In the mercy that covers me

Did you really have to die for me?
All I am for all you are
Because what I need and what I believe are worlds apart

I look beyond the empty cross
forgetting what my life has cost
and wipe away the crimson stains
and dull the nails that still remain
More and more I need you now,
I owe you more each passing hour
the battle between grace and pride
I gave up not so long ago
So steal my heart and take the pain
and wash the feet and cleanse my pride
take the selfish, take the weak,
and all the things I cannot hide
take the beauty, take my tears
the sin-soaked heart and make it yours
take my world all apart
take it now, take it now
and serve the ones that I despise
speak the words I can't deny
watch the world I used to love
fall to dust and thrown away
I look beyond the empty cross
forgetting what my life has cost
so wipe away the crimson stains
and dull the nails that still remain
so steal my heart and take the pain
take the selfish, take the weak
and all the things I cannot hide
take the beauty, take my tears
take my world apart, take my world apart
I pray, I pray, I pray
take my world apart

Jars of Clay

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December joy

We woke up this morning to cuddly, cozy weather (well as cuddly and cozy as South Tejas gets) and I was overjoyed to see that December has begun! My dearest, and most favorite month of the year. The lights, the cuddles, the hot chocolate and special memories. It is a fantastical month and I pray that you all get to celebrate the beauty of this advent season.

Here are the boys this morning, bright and early :)

What special memories or traditions does the month of December bring to your family? What excites you about December?

Happy First of December, my beloved friends!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The End of November

I had a little photo shoot with my boys on mine and Nathan's big King sized bed the other day. It was extremely random and VERY short, but so much fun.

Wesley is such a supremely doting big brother. I knew he would be with his gentle manner. And even though the tenacious side of him rears it's colorful head (as a healthy little boy should), I just love how tender and loving my firstborn is.

Spencer is doing great, by the way. We had his post op check up today with Dr. Burk and things are great. Took those darn staples out of that big incision on that little back and he did so good. Bless his sweet little heart.

I've been thinking how the month of November has flown by. So much has happened for our little family in such a few short weeks. From the 28th of October, marking the birth of our sweet littlest love, to today, I can't believe all that has transpired. It's pretty surreal, for sure!

A few things that happened in November:
  • We had Spencer's first check up.
  • Found out that Spencer had a Sacral Dimple
  • My baby dos had a Sonogram
  • Then an MRI
  • Then Surgery
  • Nate took the GMAT test
  • Nate passed the GMAT test
  • Uncle Brandon came to town
  • Uncle Brandon made the best Thanksgiving dinner around
  • Wesley was spoiled by Uncle Brandon
  • My dad moved to Houston for his new job
  • Mom stayed behind and helped me with Spencer
  • Oh yea, I am adjusting to this thing called Mommy of two kids
  • My parents put a For Sale sign out in their front yard
  • I tried not to cry about it
  • We went to church for the first time as a family of four
  • We realized what a large community of friends and family we have that support and love us endlessly.
I also realized that Christmas is upon us and I haven't done ANY shopping. Time to hit the sales, the stores, and start getting crafty. Don't be surprised if your gift this year is a painting or a print! :)

Happy Advent Season, my friends. It's a beautiful time of year and we have much to give praises for!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Twinkle Lights

It's that beautiful, special time of year.

The twinkle lights are showing themselves on houses and trees.
The smells are sweet as can be.
The paper you see is colorful and shiny.
And there are smiles everywhere you look.

My smile is waning significantly today, though, because it's the perfect day to snuggle with my love and he has to work.
And work in the rainy coldness.

It bums me out and makes me feel almost grinchy :)

We had a delightful Thanksgiving yesterday.
Slept in until 8:30!
Made it to my parents house by 10:30.
Had a lovely lunch with my fun family.
Snoozed and read and lazed around all afternoon with everyone.
Headed to the Angerstein casa for some Payne family fun.
Lots of good food.
Even more fun conversation.
Such a good first Thanksgiving for us as a family of four.

And Spencer is doing marvelously. He is so wonderful to hold.
And Wesley and his imagination....I will always marvel at how well crafted the Lord made us. So unique. So special.

We are blessed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

So Spencer passed his post op tests! We are so delighted to already be home as I type this.

This afternoon our surgeon came in to check on Spencer and was very pleased by Spencer's superb progress. And truly, from the little baby in pain last night, to the wide-eyed bundle today....well, let's just say this mama is very happy to see the change in him.

We really can't thank you enough or adequately enough for your encouragement and love.

No. Seriously.

Thank you.

And just please continue to pray for our family as we recover. Specifically for rest for us all. And for my own recovery. I am feeling the physical effects from the stress today more than ever. It feels so strange that only three weeks ago I was rolling into an O.R. to deliver Spencer, and just 21 days later, I was kissing Spencer as they wheeled him into an O.R. Wow.

Wesley has been with my mom for the past 4 days and you can understand the emotional stress that he's been under as well, without even fully comprehending it all.

So your continue prayers and affection is most welcome.

I will post pictures soon!

Spencer: An Update

Good morning, my friends!
I am just now having a chance to sit down and write a proper update. Updating from the phone is all good and swell, but I have little patience for typing on those little keypads. :)

Spencer did fantastic during surgery. The surgery itself took longer than the surgeon anticipated and discovered that it was a little more involved than we thought. The tissue was actually further into the bone than the MRI showed , but Dr. Burk is satisfied with his work and got the job done that needed to be accomplished. He is pleased with how well Spencer did and though his age is so small, he is doing fantastic.

It was incredibly heartbreaking for me to see my sweet little love moaning and aching from the pain. He is able to sleep on his back or his side, and for 24 hours needs to keep his head and tailbone alined. So I haven't been able to hold my littlest love. Truly, the ache of seeing your child so vulnerable is a scar that I shall not forget. It hurts.

Thankfully, you, our friends, have been an incredible community of support. Continue praying specifically that Spencer passes all post op tests (bladder function, etc) and that we can go home on Sunday and begin the recovery process. I will keep you all up to date as soon as I know more.

We feel all of your great love and prayers and good thoughts. It certainly isn't an easy experience for us to go through, but I have to praise God that it wasn't worse. I sat in that surgical waiting room, just grieving for the pain that many of those children are experiencing, and the resulting pain that the parents are feeling. I saw a mother weeping while her child was in the PICU and I just ached for her. I cling to the hope that I have in Jesus during these difficult times and especially praise the Lord for my husband, a constant tower of peace. God certainly knew what he was doing pairing us together.

In fact, the day that we found out that Spencer's chord was tethered, we left the hospital and the song playing was Dave Barne's song "God Gave Me You" and it just made me weep and praise the Lord for giving me a husband who I can trust, and walk through life with. Through the sunshine and the shade. This song (I posted it here on my blog. If you are reading this in facebook you need to go to in order to see the video) isn't just a song that makes me think of my husband. Though he is the greatest encourager in my life, all of you have been so instrumental and helping me to keep my chin up. Really. Personal shout outs are coming your way.

We have had some friends in town from Las Vegas this week, and while we are disappointed that we weren't able to spend the weekend with them like we had hoped, they have been a great encouragement to us. Their own son went through quite a serious surgery when he was only four months old. So these forever friends, Aaron & Kerre, have been wonderful to have around. The Lord just knew we would need their lovin'.

I will keep you posted, my friends! Continue praying! And truly, your texts and messages and wall posts brighten our day. Thank you. Thank you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spencer's Sugery, what??

So here it is, friends.

My sweet little Spencer love is going into surgery tomorrow morning at 11am.

Wow, I know.

Some of you we've told, many of you, we haven't. But mostly because this has all happened so quickly. And also because it's made me so weepy, that it's been hard for me to verbally discuss it.

So let me start at the beginning for those of you who are unaware of the situation.

Spencer was born with a small white tuft at the base of his spine, which the doctors have informed us is called a "sacral dimple". When we took him in to his first pediatric visit, the doctor suggested we have a sonogram done on it to determine whether it's something we should be concerned about or if it's just a birthmark.

The sonogram showed that his spinal cord is lower than normal and is actually "tethered" to a rather large mass of tissue. Because of the results of the ultrasound, they sent us to Driscoll for an MRI. And up to this point, nobody had discussed with us the ramifications of this tethered cord and what it all means.

Yesterday Spencer had his MRI, and the results showed exactly what the sonogram did. That Spencer has a tethered spinal cord and surgery must be done in order to prevent any sort of problems later. He could grow normally without surgery, and then slowly symptoms will start to show and then it would be too late. The damage would have already been done.
But with the surgery, all that will be avoided and he can grow into a healthy, active human being. The outlook on it all is quite positive and he will only need to be in the hospital for the weekend. Praise the Lord!

So with all that said, we so appreciate your prayers. Dr. Burk, the surgeon, is very knowledgeable and we praise God for his wisdom and that we were able to detect this sooner and not later when surgery would be more difficult. Pray for Dr. Burk and his team and those that will be caring for our little love. It's been quite stressful for me and I've so needed the texts and love that some of you who have known have been sending me. Nathan stayed overnight with Spencer while I came home to find rest and the sleep was so good for this weary soul.

If you have any questions or want to catch up with us, just send us a text or feel free to call or message me. We truly appreciate your prayers. Truly.

Monday, November 01, 2010

We had a baby

just FYI
we had a baby
it's a boy :)
and he is awesome.

big brother is awesome
mama is recovering (slowly)
papa is a hero

we are so loved.
we are so blessed.

Update on our world coming soon.

but for now....
isn't he beautiful?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Honda

So last weekend we bought a new to us Honda! It's an '06 Pilot and I love love love it.

Right now, driving is not my favorite thing because, well, imagine sitting in the drivers seat with a basketball taped to your's really not the most comfortable thing in the world. But I LOVE driving it and being driven around in it.

Wesley and I have this sort of habit of picking Nathan up from work at lunch time and driving down to the t-heads, or a park, or some place downtown on Ocean drive. We sit and park and eat lunch, sometimes I pack a picnic lunch or we just pick something up, and we roll the windows down and enjoy the sunshine and the view. Our town really does have some spectacularly lovely views, especially on a clear Autumn day. Sometimes we glimpse the dolphins in the bay, or we get attacked by those darn gulls whenever Wesley throws an unwanted piece of his lunch out the window.

It's a wonderful little tradition of ours that I hope we won't have to postpone for too long after Spencer is born. It started out just me and Nate having these lunches (can you say, submarine races?? jk...haha) Then along came Wesley. And he loves picking up daddy from work. And now Spencer will be here in just two short weeks and I hope that we can continue the tradition soon after his arrival. We had our lunch yesterday for the first time in the new vehicle and it was SO much more comfortable and roomy :) Wooo!

So there you go.
Our new vehicle.
We love it.
And we also heard that once you go Honda,
you never go back....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wesley Tales

Wes (he comes running into my bedroom): "Mommy, mommy, mommy!"
Me: What's going on??
W: I'm getting bigger! I'm getting bigger!
Me: What does this mean?
W: I'm growing big! I'm growing big!
Me: Well, that's very good news! I'm glad to hear it.
W: Yea!!! High Five!

Wes (the future doctor): "I don't want to fall down and break my head! My brain's in there!"

Wes (while checking the mail with Nathan): "I love lizards. They are beautiful to look at. They're not for food."

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why hello there.

So week 36 has officially come to us. Not much longer now. We are loving this fabulous, spectacular, completely wonderful sunshine and cooler (livable) weather. I am anxious for some fun winter weather to hit our home and to be cozy and comfy with my family watching movies and drinking apple cider. October is usually one of my most favorite months of the year. The change in the seasons, the spectacular color that canvases the world. I love the reds and golds and the greens that we see all over. Pumpkins are ridiculously adorable and they look so darn cute on ANY porch. :) Even my unswept, spider webbed porch. Hmm...I should leave those webs up for those tricker treaters that will come our way at the end of the month.

Speaking of the "End of October" (a VERY good David Crowder track, by the way), my little family had our week 36 check up this morning. We had another sonogram to keep an eye on Spencer's size, and he looks great! Exactly as I knew he would be: BIG. But healthy. And well proportioned. And healthy! Dr. N is just a little awe-struck by the size of Spencer, she came straight into the room and said "WOW (many exlamation points following) you are carrying one large child). He is measuring at full term ALREADY at only 36 weeks. She says if I go into labor on my own, the good news is, I can try for a VBAC, but because of my history of NOT going into labor (at 41 weeks, Wesley wasn't going anywhere) she is truly skeptical of that.

So. We scheduled our C-Section. On the date that I knew it would be scheduled, pretty much from the beginning, when I first found out I was pregnant and due sometime at the end of October or the beginning of November. It was this silent intuition that always hovered in the back of my mind and heart.
I never said it out loud because in my heart, I didn't want to WILL it to be true, but I wanted to trust the Lord's perfect timing for Spencer's arrival. And still, even so, nothing is certain until it actually happens. I could go into labor tonight and all this could be moot.

So, for now, October 28th is our set date to deliver.

Many will never fully understand the full meaning that Spencer's birthday will hold for me, because not very many people KNEW Joe Houston.
But I knew Joe.
And I loved him.
And I am delighted in my heart to have another way to remember and honor his life by.

Only three weeks to go! We are so overjoyed, and excited, and nervous to experience all the changes that are going to come our way. Please continue to pray for good health for both Spencer and myself. And good rest for all of us from now until then. The husband has been so busy working every day either at the church building or at his big job or at his little second job. We are looking forward to the holidays and to meeting our sweet boy dos :) and Wesley is so excited for him. I know the changes will be tough on my little man, but he's an amazing kid and I know he is going to LOVE being a big brother.

Ok, more to come. Including some fun pictures! Woo!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday BG

Today is my big brother's birthday!
He is a pretty amazing guy, and from the looks of his facebook page, I don't really need to encourage you all to wish him a Happy Birthday! You've done so already! :)

But anyways, Happy Birthday to my brother.
He is truly the best brother, the most doting uncle, and one of the greatest of friends.
We are so blessed to have him in our lives!
Wesley asks about him every day and loves their visits together! I know Spencer is going to love Uncle B like Wesley does!

We love you, bro!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Falling in love!

I am in love...
with this sunshine,
cooler weather,
and beautiful season that is upon us!

I am definitely putting pumpkins on my porch this week and hanging my Fall wreath!

Stay tuned for Spencer's Shower O' Love update coming soon!
Here is a picture to tide you over with, my friends!

Oh yea....I'm 35 weeks this week! Serious countdown time!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Rain

Ahh, two days of some serious interior productivity. This rain is making me go a little crazy, but the nesting is helpful in terms of organization. :)

I wish I had taken a snapshot of the radar YESTERDAY. It was truly remarkable to behold.

Yesterday we accomplished:
  • Nate saw a football game on tv (which he never gets to do)
  • Wesley got to wear his rain boots.
  • Nate cleaned out the garage so we can park our car back in it again. (By clean, I mean re-organize)
  • Jade painted Spencer's painting for his room
  • Wesley painted Nanny and Poppy a painting
  • Jade organized some baby things for Dos
  • Jade did laundry.....haha yea right
  • Jade helped Wesley rebuild his train track
  • Nate pulled out the bassinet from the attic (and a few other wee one things)
  • Jade baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Jade, Nate, and Wesley stared out at the crazy rain.
  • Stormy was ignored. (I'm taking any hormones that are fighting me out on her)
  • Stormy was played with. (Wesley really loves his dog)
  • Jade went through two bins that were in the attic of her childhood toys/stuffed animals.
  • Jade got rid of a lot of those things that were in those bins. *sniff
  • Jade, Nate, and Wesley stared out at the crazy rain (again)
  • Nate and Jade got to hang out with the Novs for dinner and some HEB Plus fun
  • Jade had some serious heartburn. (Curse you Five Guys)
  • Jade was in bed before Nathan. (rare)

All this happened AFTER church. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 33 Update

Hey friends, are you guys interested in an update on Spencer, at 33 weeks gestation? I would post a picture, but he was NOT a cooperative boy this morning at our sono, so the images we got of him are basically little fuzzy gray clouds :) He had his hands over his face AND he is sideways in my belly.

So as you remember, last week I had that awful appointment and whined a moaned that I missed my doctor's tender lovin' and her good spirits. The doc that I saw was a little negative, not very gentle (in manner) and was a little offensive in the way he spoke to me.

Well this morning after our sonogram (which Wesley was awesome and so sweet saying things like "I love Spencer" when we saw the baby on the tv) we went up to Dr. N's office and waited patiently for a good 45 minutes to see her. Not an easy feat with a two year old, but Wesley did great (again). I was so pleased at seeing his manners and his sweet smile to the other waiting patients. The sonographer had already mentioned that the baby was measuring big, his head especially, and his weight being around the 5lb mark. (Average babies at 33 weeks are 4 lbs). His length is already pretty impressive, but it's really his head that Dr. N was gushing about.

No suprise for Nate and I though. Wesley measured 10.2 lbs and 22.5 inches long and his head was about 14 or 15 around. Haha...yea, exactly.

So while I have been pushing (in my head) for a VBAC delivery, I am quite certain we will end up having a scheduled C-Section again. Which is fine by me. I really want Dr. N to deliver Spencer. I told her so and she said in three weeks, we will have another sono and then schedule me out from there.

If I go into labor early on my own, great. If not, a schedulin' we will be doin. :)

PS--These images are of Wesley when he was a newborn. The first one is the very first picture we took of him home in his crib. I love it so! The second one is right after he was born. With his sleepy little face. So sweet.

I went looking through pictures of Wesley and am so interested to see how different Spencer and Wesley are going to look. Or if I think they will look similar.

You moms of multiples, how were your babies when they were born? Did you think they looked alike? Or did you think they were all extremely different??

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jade & Nate Plus Two?

I know I am pregnant with my second son (and completely over the moon at that) but is it so ridiculous of me to desire to raise four daughters also?? Maybe Nate and I can adopt....I seriously am having a hard time imagining six pregnancies. :)

Why four girls?

Because I am in love with this book.....and this movie.

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy. Simple, lovely names for such extraordinary little women. :)

Laurie: Fellow artists, may I present myself as an actor, a musician, and a loyal and very humble servant of the club.
Jo March: We'll be the judge of that.
Laurie: In token of my gratitude and as a means of promoting communication between adjoining nations, shouting from windows being forbidden, I shall provide a post office in our hedge, to further incourage the bearing of our souls and the telling of our most appalling secrets. I do pledge never to reveal what I recieve in confindence here.
Meg: Well, then. Do take your place Rodrigo.
Jo March: Sir Rodrigo.

Jo March: I find it poor logic to say that because women are good, women should vote. Men do not vote because they are good; they vote because they are male, and women should vote, not because we are angels and men are animals, but because we are human beings and citizens of this country.
Mr. Mayer: You should have been a lawyer, Miss March.
Jo March: I should have been a great many things, Mr. Mayer.

Friedrich: Your heart understood mine. In the depth of the fragrant night, I listened with ravished soul to your beloved voice. Your heart understood mine.

Marmee March: Oh, Jo. Jo, you have so many extraordinary gifts; how can you expect to lead an ordinary life? You're ready to go out and - and find a good use for your talent. Tho' I don't know what I shall do without my Jo. Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it.

Yes, four girls would be lovely.
But in truth....four boys would be quite adventurous. :)

I'll stick with what God is laying out for me now, and trust His plans for our future brood. After the sleeplessness that we surely will meet in 7 short weeks, the idea of more will probably fly right out of my head. Haha!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are going to Camp?

A conversation between the Little Adventurer and me:

Wes: I want to go see Nanny and Poppy (my parents)
Me: I know, buddy, you are going to get to play with them tonight!
Wes: Why?
Me: Because Mommy and Daddy are going out on a date!
Wes: Why are you going on a date?
Me: Because it's important for mommy and daddy to spend time together, just us.
Wes: Ohhhhhh. You are going to camp?
Me: Uhh.....
Wes: (big sigh) I can't wait to go to camp.

I need to make Wesley a "Future Zephyr Staffer" t-shirt. What do you think?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Making Art for Spencer

When Wesley was about 8 months in the womb, I began to work on a painting for his Travel room, just for him called "Wesley's World". It is a whimsical map of the world with animals and boats and a few things here and there on it. Everyday when we play in his room or clean it, he points to it and says "I like your picture mommy......Oh no! It's missing the dinosaurs" It's a pretty hilarious little ritual of his and every time he says that I respond with "Ok, kid, I'll paint you some dinosaurs".

Well, we've begun work on the solar system painting for the baby room, which, you guessed it, will be "Spencer's Sky". I am really pumped about this painting, because if the boys should ever share a room, they will have their own paintings above their beds. :) That makes me really happy. I also plan on adding a few dinosaurs to Wesley's World. :)

I love his imagination!

It is really hot in the garage where we've been painting. I'm about to move us inside, because I just can't take the heat anymore.

Here is our set up :) Spencer's Sky is on the right....obviously

Wesley really loves art! He gets very frustrated when he doesn't get it right....I wonder where he gets that from. Hmm...

Can you tell how sweaty we are? It has been a seriously hot summer.

Painting with Wesley is one of my favorite things ever. I wonder if Spencer will enjoy art as much as we do, or if he is going to be a science bug like his dad. Wesley, so far, has a great affection for exploring and looking at bugs and dirt and things of that sort, but don't ever try to make him touch a bug. He just won't do it.

I am so excited to meet Spencer in just 8 weeks (plus or minus). I am just praying for good health for us both and a joyful experience full of peace! We are hoping to take some family pictures soon, so I will post some belly pics in the next couple posts or so :)

PS, thanks for all the encouragement and feedback I received from the last post. That was a pretty rough day, combined with a growing two year old who is stretching his wings a bit, I've been pretty tired and extremely sentimental :) Thankfully the Lord has surrounded me with lots of love and affection from family and friends near and far. That's what community and authenticity is all about! You are all dearly cherished in my heart. Besos!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trying not to rant:

I just had one of the most frustrating prenatal check ups to date. I saw a doctor who was not my normal doctor and he was so extremely unpleasant and frustrating, I thought I was going to cry about it. But thankfully, Nate, was available to send me texts to make me laugh (Yes there was a big NO TEXTING sign in the waiting room of this particular office) and I had him and Tawny to vent to after it was done.

I will spare you the details, but I just have to say how thankful I am for my doctor that I see on a normal basis. Her sweetness and her compassion are exactly what I need, and the sarcasm and frustrating nature of this other man was NOT something I needed to be around at such a stressful time.

I've been dealing with some anxiety, mostly at night, and I hate it! I want to claim peace and thanksgiving now, before I let it control my every thought and consume me in a such a powerfully negative fashion.

So pray for me, if you are the praying type, to battle the urge to feel less than worthy, and also pray that I wouldn't fret or stress about any of the physical sides of pregnancy/delivery. It's amazing how quickly we can fall into the trenches of despair and self-pity if we allow ourselves.

The good news is I am hitting 32 weeks and it's countdown!
I have more pleasant things coming you way, pictures, updates and more....

Stay tuned for the cheerful Jade to return. I just need a minute. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Things around here have been a little hectic and slightly overwhelming. My sweet husband is sick and whenever that (rarely) happens, it throws our house into this uncomfortable tilt. It's just not the same with him feeling the blues. Makes this mama very unhappy. Pray for him, as he is almost done with this new degree of his and we will have more time with him home, more play time, more planning for Spencer time (i.e., putting down the new floors), more rest (hopefully) and just more goodness of seeing eachother. I have missed him so much this summer (the busiest of our marriage) and I am so thankful that he is just 2 finals away from being DONE! (until he starts his Masters that is)

So on that note, I am going to just take a minute to list the things that I am so very thankful for at this moment. In times of frustration or anxiety, looking around you and seeing the amazing things that surround you is always one of the best remedies for feeling sorry for yourself.

Jade is thankful for:
  • painting with Wesley
  • kaloches. Man, those things rock. :)
  • bubble baths
  • playing Scrabble with Nathan
  • our family library
  • SPENCER having a name, a name that I love!
  • hearing Wesley say "My baby brother's name is Spencer Lewis!"
  • watching movies at home with Nathan
  • Stormy girl, our border collie. She makes me crazy, but I love her!
  • how healthy and wonderful this pregnancy has been, morning sickness and all
  • having a home to raise my boys in
  • watching Nathan and Wesley argue over Angry Birds on the ipod. (really, it's pretty funny)
  • ordering things off Etsy for Spencer's nursery
  • painting "Spencer's Solar System" to match "Wesley's World" painting (pics to come)
  • you, my friend, who love me through all the crazy, wonderful, whimsical moments that my little family experiences.
Okay, time to give the munchkin number uno a bath, and tuck the husby into bed.
Happy Thankful Tuesday, world. You're beautiful!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Dos has a name!

Hey friends. :) I'm a little giddy this morning.
Mostly because it's the weekend, and Nate gets to hang out with me during the day.
And also because Nate is almost done with this new degree he's been working on for 2 years for work (only one more week!).
And also because we HAVE a NAME! :)

It's been a pretty funny process, picking a name for baby dos. We just struggled so greatly with it because we wanted something that went with Wesley, that had meaning or uniqueness, but wasn't too weird and not overly used. You all know my crazy love for books and stories, etc....and I desperately wanted a name to go with my own imagination and passionate love for reading.

Well the other day I stepped up to our family library and raked through the hundreds of books that we have lining our shelves. I looked and looked and discovered what I was seeking: the author in whom we have the most books.

C.S. Lewis won by a landslide.

We have about 30 books of his. About 25 are together on one shelf, and the rest are spaced out between other fiction/nonfiction books. Granted, a few are doubled (meaning, I read the nonsense out of Till We have Faces and went and bought a second copy and I also have two Dawn Treader's because I've read the stuffing out of that one as well) The others who were in the running were Max Lucado, Madeleine L'Engle, JK Rowling, Franklin Dixon, & Francine Pascal)

Anyways, I got struck by lighting!
Well...I got extremely excited about the thought of having a son named "Lewis" after one of my most cherished authors. He has delighted my soul since I began reading his work from the age of 13. I have read, re-read, fidgeted, prayed, and dreamed about the stories and theology that he has weaved through my heart all these years. Why not?

I suggest it to Nate. He liked it...but not really for a first name. We mulled it around for a little while, and I finally began to agree that it was a wonderful name, but I don't know that I wanted it as the first name.

So yesterday, Nate was lying on the living room floor scouring his phone for possible names ( and Wesley and I were sitting at the kitchen table having an afternoon snack, when Nathan mentioned a few names. One of them made us stop and say "I like it" and laugh about how easy that was. We said it a few times combined with Lewis and laughed again at how natural and easy it sounded. We just kept repeating it, and getting Wesley to say it too, and said it some more to eachother.

Just like with Wesley, when we said his full name, we laughed out loud at how well it made sense.

And just like with Wesley, there really was no real meaning or action for choosing it except that we liked it. Wesley happens to be a character in a book that I love. Spencer happens to be in a book that I love. Both names are English, and both are not on the top 100 list of baby names :) Which was a prerequisite of mine. Haha

Both boys' middle names happen to be meaningful to us. Thomas is Wesley's Poppy's middle name (my dad's) and I've always loved it. And Lewis is for C.S. Lewis....who's like a beloved grandfather to me. Haha....maybe not, but I do love it and him. I used to say that if CS Lewis had ever met me, he would love me. Is that arrogant to say? :) Maybe it is, but I don't care. Whenever I read his letters to the children, I find myself feeling like he is writing directly to me.

Anyways, there really is no rhyme or reason in choosing a name for your child. It's not an easy process, it's a sometimes sweaty, grueling process; choosing something that will be with them for a lifetime.

Anyways, little baby in my tummy, Spencer it is. And we've loved you from the moment we discovered you were growing inside and we can't wait to hold you and share in the adventure of life with you!

Last night, Wesley was hugging my tummy before bed and asking how the baby was doing. I think he's going to be an amazing big brother. I can't wait to live in a house of boys :):)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

So I got me some glasses. Woo.
For a few months (years?) I have been squinting when I read things on the computer.
When I edit pictures.
When I read my beloved books.
Full on squinting.

Then I started to see shoots of light across my vision.
And I freaked out.
To put it mildly. haha.
Full on panic.

So I went to the optometrist last week and she gave me a full bill of health....except for my need of reading glasses. She gave me some "helpful tips" on how to keep my eyes from being so tired. And she told me to quit worrying. Anxiety and fatigue can create unnecessary (duh) stress and affect the vision. And since I'm pregnant (27 weeks on Thursday!) along with everything else, my vision is straining to keep up with the making of a human being.

So yea, I got my glasses last night and have been using them diligently all day while I read or do anything that involves my intense focus....and what do you eyes don't feel as strained. The letters are clearer and I don't have to up the magnification on my screen :) Woo!

Wesley and I had a little lunch date at his table today and we took turns taking pictures of eachother. I can NOT wait to start teaching him how to use and understand a camera. He already points and shoots amazingly well for a two year old. It's awesome. He just isn't such a big fan of being the one in front of the lens. He'd prefer to take the picture. Hmm... Sounds familiar.

Anyways, more updates to come. Just passing though. So much to do, so much to do! I feel like the white rabbit who is late for a very important date.

I better go find my rabbit hole!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beautiful, you.

“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.”
--St. Augustine

"...You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body."
--Psalm 139

Becoming a mama makes you vastly more aware of the miracle of human life. I marvel at the depths of the universe, the glory of the celestial expanse that stares down upon me, night and day. But from the time of our creation in the womb, to the day of our birth, to the day of our death, we are a mighty, mighty miracle; and it honors me to be a chosen one who experiences the miracle of carrying a child in the womb and shepherding them through life. It stops me in my tracks.

On days when I feel selfish or grouchy or impossible, I stop to think about the miracle of my life and the beautiful miracles that surround me, and I feel that gentle nod from Heaven to keep going. He's not done with me and there are mighty moments to be had.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Every Day I...

...will praise.

Written by Shane Barnard.
Psalm 145....a Psalm of praise.

great is the Lord, so worthy of praise
great is the Lord

one generation will
commend Your kingdom
to one another
they will speak of You
and i will meditate
on Your wonder
and they, they will speak
of Your glorious splendor
of Your majesty
everyday i'll praise thee
forever and ever

everyday i will praise
for You open Your hand
and satisfy desires of all things
my God the King

the Lord is gracious
and slow to anger
He is rich in love
He is good to all

all who call on Him
in truth He is near to
and He hears their cry
and saves them

*this is an older video of the guys, but it is still a mighty picture of praise.

Whenever I listen to the Psalms, I can't help but sigh in full contentment. It brings on this firey, passionate joy in my heart.

What do the words do for your own heart??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

An orchestra

"I endeavor
To hold the I as one only for the cloud
Of which I am a fragment, yet to which I'm vowed
To be responsible.
Its light against my face
Reveals the witness of the stars, each in its place
Singing, each compassed by the rest,
The many joined to one, the mightiest to the least.
It is so great a thing to be an infinitesimal part
of this immeasurable orchestra the music bursts the heart,
And from this tiny plosion all the fragments join:
Joy orders the disunity until the song is one."
---Madeleine L'Engle

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Verona

A conversation between Nathan, Jamie, and myself that we had tonight as we scampered to the dollar theater to catch Letters to Juliet and give me a break from the cave that I've been hiding in for two days. (sort of hiding out, I did happen to buy a purse today. I heart Fossil!)

Jade: This movie is going to make me want to run away to Italy.
Jamie: This movie is going to make me want to quit my job and move to Italy to find me an Italian man.
Nathan: This movie is going to make me want to go out to my mom's land in Bethel and ride a minature horse and grow my hair out long.

Now, really, this is probably not even funny to you, you who are reading this so patiently, but we had ourselves a good laugh. And the movie is ridiculously cheesy and sappy and mushy, but we had fun.

And as a bonus, Nate bought me a taco afterwards :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

You are a TOY!

This pregnancy has made me so much more sentimental than I ever thought I was capable of being. So many little things that Wesley does just makes me want to cry. He is growing so fast, and his sweetness sometimes just amazes me. Of course, his natural, human, two year old instincts tend to rule HIS own emotions, but overall, he is an extraordinarily fun kid and we love to go on our marvelous adventures. He loves to "camp out" and "hide" with lots of blankets and a flashlight and he is stretching out to be such a tall kiddo. :) I'm excited to meet the little brother in just about 15 weeks. To see his personality, his face, his hands and his feet. Those first days are so precious and sweet, and I am excited to experience it all over again. Children are such a gift....and it pains me to think about all the children in the world who need a home, a forever family.

I got to ichat last night with my friend Charity and her precious little newborn, Olivia. :) (And Ricky too hehe) and I forget how tiny those newborns are. They are so precious and perfect and Olivia was perfect all swaddled in her moses basket...sweet little papoose. I think she is amazing already and can't wait until I get to hold her in November when they come for a visit. (Though she will be so changed when Thanksgiving rolls around hehe) But at that time we will have OUR precious little (sort of little since I apparently birth big babies lol) newborn and it is going to be so wonderful! I can't wait to hold little brother this's going to be spectacular! (I'm already tired, so I'm not even going to worry about the sleepy eyes I will be having constantly. hehe)

Anyways, one of my most favorite things in the world is to look at, to buy, and to play with Toys. I always walk through the Toy section at Target or HEB when I'm there and any chance that I can get to walk through Toys R Us, I am ALL OVER that because I have such a fondness for toys.

It seems my son has adopted that same preference....we have incredible adventures in his room, on my bedroom floor, under a homemade tent, or on the kitchen floor with his "guys". He carrys them (his favorite toys that he calls his "guys") everywhere with him and we tuck them in for naptime and bedtime and he tries to feed them his snack (what a good sharer). hehe.

Obviously with the Toy Story 3 pandemic going on, Wesley jumped right on that bandwagon, and quotes the first and second movie left and right. Yesterday, I caught Wesley laying on his stomach having a staring contest with our dog, Stormy, and yelling at her "YOU ARE A TOY!". It was on of those little moments that you just can't help but feel so blessed for having the gift of imagination. It's no secret that I tend to lose myself in the daydream world (My dad used to call me, Nichol, the Dreamer) and I always doodle imaginary castles in the sky and make up stories in my head.

I love seeing that in Wesley. He is a kid with a pretty big heart, but his imagination is one of my most favorite things about him. It's a wonderful, freeing, joyous thing to see your child sit on the floor with some ordinary toys and create a wonderland of fun for you to partake in.

The wonderful thing is that I married a man who has a great imagination to fit in with our zany days. It's so wonderful to have family playdates together. They don't happen nearly enough because we seem to consistently have things pile up, but I've made it a goal to make those sweet days happen more often.

Family playdates are just good for the soul. Especially when Buzz and Woody are involved.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Cosmic

I often wonder why I surround myself with clutter. Stacks of pictures, stacks of paper, boxes of crayons, book after book after book stacked upon one another like the leaning tower of Pisa. Really, is it necessary?

Obviously pregnancy consists of "nesting" in different stages, where clutter gets slowly removed, and something that slightly resembles organization takes it's place. That is one major plus in the pregnant world. I love having every spot in my house organized and not "shut out" by a door that hides the crazy stacks of unnecessary rubbish. It is so very freeing. And really, I wonder why I don't make a habbit of having every dish washed before bed, and having everything neatly put away on a regular basis. When you wake up to a well put together (tidy) home, the sunshine just seems brighter, the colors deeper, and the cheerfulness of the day is so much more tangible.

Oh that's right, one major reason I don't keep a perfectly tidy house....this little jumping bean that is my firstborn. He can rip through this house like a tornado in the middle of the night, unleashing his power on the poor, unsuspecting parent folk. Thankfully, he has this catchy little "clean up" song that helps to motivate him to pick up after himself (I suspect he learned it from Tawny because I've never heard it before).

Last night, Tawny and Nick introduced us to a good friend of theirs that they've known and loved for many many moons. Well, to say that this guy challenged me in just one short conversation is sort of an understatement. I haven't been moved like that in months. I cringe at the thought of saying "years" to those months, but truly, my life has been this one big spare room of clutter. There are these unnecessary blockades stacked up around my heart, causing me to ignore the very thing that I need to keep close to it. And this brief (I so wish it could have been longer, really...) conversation with this man gave me enough pause in my cosmic battle of the clutter to look around at my surroundings and see that there isn't a way for me to fight off these dragons on my own. (I say dragons because that has been Wesley's imaginary adversary lately...he'll say things like "There's a dragon in the bathroom, oh no!") I need to turn to the only help that will ever be worth seeking.

The very first verse I memorized as a youth was "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty" (Psalm 91:1)
The very second verse that I memorized after that was "I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might no sin against you." (Psalm 119:11)
(Shout out to Lynn and Darren for teaching me those verses) :)

As cheesy as it seems, when we were driving home from Coffee Waves (it was the latest that this old married couple had stayed out in a while...hehe) these verses of my youth rang loud and clear in my head. I don't know if it's because memories were stirred up by our conversation (I shared a little bit of my testimony with everyone) or if it was just me being dramatic in my head, but I was flooded with memories of my teenage self, passionately pursuing righteousness, loving people where they were at and not where I wanted them to be, desperately looking for solutions instead of wallowing in the problems. Where was that girl? And when did I become so consumed with the gross commercialism of this world? Clint (Nov's friend) reminded me that this world is as close to hell as I'm ever going to get. I'm destined for glory. So why not live glory-minded?

Phhhhrrrppppbbbah. Yes. That's my frustrated sound as I rake my fingers through my tangles, wondering what I need to do to challenge myself more every day. What good does it do to have these cosmic battles in my head when I can simply de-clutter my life, hide His word in my heart (again), and seek the shelter of the Most High? It seems ridiculous to fight the inevitable, yet I continue to make stacks of unnecessary stuff pile up around me. I sort of picture myself as Aladdin trying to get away from the lava in the Cave of Wonders....thankfully the real life stacks of pictures, books, and other things aren't physically hurting me. That would kind of stink. (Oh, as a side note: we did have a garage sale last week and we can now officially park in the garage again! Good news, especially when it gets to 110 degree heat index and you drive a black vehicle. I'm lovin' the space!) :)

But really, moving on, to live simply, to live holy, to live authentically. It's not all that complicated. I don't know why I feel the need to become all cosmic and complicated. I just need to fight the clutter. And I'm thankful that I have a defender, and I don't have to be the one to fight the dragon. Unless it's the imaginary one lurking in my son's bathroom.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hey, it's July?

Is it bad that in order for me to know what is going on in my life, I have to check my iphoto??
So big news flash; we have been crazy busy. (insert sarcastic smile). Nate has been working like mad. Wesley is growing entirely too fast. And I am just getting ickier and stickier with this awful heat and icky sticky muggy weather we have been having. :)

But the fun news is that when I look down at my belly, sometimes I can catch a glimpse of baby shoving against it and it's so exciting to feel the movement of the womb. SO fun.

Also, who knew that Wesley giving up the paci would be harder on me than on him. Granted, he asks for it occasionally and sleeps a little more restless than before, but I just feel such a "loss" at that major baby need that's been taken away. It was more the husband than myself on establishing the "no more paci" rule. If it had been my choice, I would have clung to the baby ways and let him have it as long as his wittle bitty baby heart desiwerd. Get my drift? haha

But in truth, I'm pleased with how well the kiddo has taken to the new rule. Who am I to deny him the joy of growing up? :) I can't hold him back, nor would I honestly want to. But you mom's out there know what I'm getting at. It's a sweet ache in the heart to see your former needy baby turn into this independent, well balanced, salad eating child, ready to do a somersault off the couch at any chance he can get. Seriously, an Olive Garden commercial came on and he said "I want to eat that salad and bread".....he is my child. :)

I have some deeper, more interesting topics to discuss and lay before you, but I am about to babysit Wesley's little buddy, Kya, so I can't sit here for long. Plus, it's about time to wake up the little adventurer, so I'm going to have to run.

Interesting conversation to come, honest. :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rain Rain Rain!

Why hello there, Alex. :) Your rain bands look mighty fierce.

I opened my eyes
and looked up at the rain
And it dripped into my head
and flowed into my brain
And all that I hear as I lie in my bed
Is the slishity-slosh of the rain in my head.

I step very softly,
I walk very slow,
I can't do a handstand-
I might overflow.
So pardon the wildly crazy things I just said-
I'm just not the same since there's rain in my head.

Shel Silverstein

This is a poem that I often think of when I hear the rain falling against our roof. Rain is one of my favorite things, but I don't like many of the other elements that come with Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

Stay dry today, if you can, my friends!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, BOY!!!!!!!

Here is the video that my brother put together really quickly before he jumped on a plane for D.C. He didn't get everyone who was there, but he got a good number of people. Thanks for the great video, bro! It was super fun seeing everyone's predictions. :)

We are so honored that the Lord has chosen us to shephard two little boys. He knows what our family needs and we couldn't be more thankful and excited. Continue to pray for good health for us all and a healthy delivery! November 4th will be here before you know it.

Now I am excited to start planning his space explorer room, praying over a name, and getting out all of Wesley's sweet, precious little baby clothes.

In honor of Baby Boy Dos, I changed the blog background to space :)

We are so blessed by the turn out of the party last night. Over FORTY people were there and we went through nearly 200 slices of pizza. :) I would have ordered a bigger cake, had I known. But a giant shout out to Jamie for bringing cupcakes and ice cream, and Judith for bring cupcakes! Those were all gobbled down and I was lucky to steal one of Jacob's. :) It was a great night. And thank you to my parents who brought the many pizzas to feed the masses. Oh, and I'm sorry about the crazy space blue drink that was served. Haha. Dave said he may have lost a tooth to the sugar. Woops. :) I didn't taste it when I made it. My bad!

My dad leaned over and said "all these people are here just to find out if the baby is a boy or girl????" I think people were a little hot and sweaty (we seriously had one of the hottest days of summer so far) and crammed in our tiny cottage, but it was a blast. And we were overwhelmed with the love and encouragement. And Wesley was a trooper! Running around, playing host. :)
I love my boys!
Thank you , Lord!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What do YOU think Baby Dos is??

Okay, so I realize we have been MIA from the good ol blog for a few weeks now. I can NOT believe June is already halfway through....nearly over! Woops. I have some serious catching up to do on EVERYTHING, but am thankful for the experiences that we've been a part of in the past weeks that has lead to my slacking off.

The big reveal :) We are so pumped! We had a beautiful, wonderful, super fun Monday morning (bright and early so Nate could be there) Sonogram and Dr.'s check up. It was great. Saw little baby dos in the womb (on the "tv") and saw baby dancing around. It was wonderful to see. We keep asking Wesley is he's having a baby brother or a baby sister and he keeps saying "baby". When we press the issue further he constantly changes his mind. Haha....definitely my kid. Definitely.
So, as most of you know, we did NOT find out what we were having. Oh, the sono lady could tell, she just put the gender down inside a top secret envelope and we tucked the dvd and pictures away so that we wouldn't peek during our two day "wait" period. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are having our "REVEAL" party to share in the knowledge and excitement with some of our family and friends.

Right after the sono, me and Wes and my mom went to see this lady and give her the "top secret" envelope and instructed her to bake a plain cake with white icing on the outside and on the inside have a filling of either pink or blue icing, depending on the gender. :) I had to explain myself a few times for her to really get what I meant. Apparently I run in circles when I explain things. Woops. She finally caught my drift, and excitedly agreed that it was a really fun idea and she wants to see pictures of the "big reveal".

So tomorrow evening we will be sharing with the world what little baby dos is. I am so excited! If it's a boy, I'm completely excited to pull out all of Wesleys little baby things and start planning his space room and preparing for another little ant catcher.
If it's a girl, I am completely excited to begin a new adventure and get girly things and paint tulips around the bottom of her room.

Little Dos @ 20 weeks, 4 days gestation

It's going to be wonderful. The best news of all is that the baby is healthy, growing well, moving a lot (and i mean a LOT) and is beautiful. I am continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy (halfway there), a healthy delivery and a healthy, healthy baby.

So what do you think Baby Dos is??? So far, I've gotten about a half dozen for BOY and about 2 for GIRL :) Nathan keeps saying "It's gotta be one or the other" hahaha