Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Honor Joe

I saw a plane in the sky yesterday. It was a dreary, overcast, moody day and the bright orange and black and white stood out against the misery. I couldn't tell you if it was a T-34 plane or a farmers crop dusting plane, but the colors made my heart ache as I realized what day was quickly approaching. Today (since it is now past midnight), the 13th of January, my precious friend's earthly body will be laid to rest.

Very few days go by that I don't think about the grief that ensued only 2 short months ago. I feel as if it has been ages and ages since Joe's plane went missing. And yet, I feel as if it happened yesterday, so great is my sorrow.

The waves of pain come slowly, rolling, then strengthening, until I see something that very strongly reminds me of what we have lost, and finally, crashing against my tormented heart.

Oh Joe. He joked of his plain name. But his endearing personality was quite the opposite. I loved him from the beginning, as I've come to realize, I often do. I won't recount that day that was very similar to today in weather. It rained then too. You can read about that here. And you can read the story of Joe's plane disappearing here, here, & here.

And you can also visit the Joe Houston Memorial Blog or even better, go to the Joe Houston Memorial Trust.

I didn't intend to flood you with linky links, but there is much to share and I am overwhelmed with how time has broken into thousands of pieces of reflecting glass and light and I am desperately trying to piece together what we have lost in the past few months.

It is echoing in my mind, so clearly, the painful shouts of my thoughts, repeating over and over how my heart is aching. It is aching. It is breaking. It is grieving. It is weeping.

Tears are healthy, but even when you physically feel better after a good cry, your heart still aches. I know what heartsick is now, because while Joe was just a comrade in arms....or rather, a comrade in teasing, he was a father to Asher, a fiance to beautiful, sweet, sweet Jenn, a son to Glyndell & John, a brother to Jimmy & Kendra.....a friend to so so so many. He was my friend. And I miss him.

I have many endearing, silly, and sweet stories that happened between Joe and I in the short months that I knew him, but I won't pen them here. Not now.

For the moment, I will just let you share in my grief, and while it's a private thing, to grieve, I know you, my friends, can lift all of those who loved and lost this mighty man up to the Father for strength, courage, and comfort.

Lt. John Joseph Houston will be honored today in Arlington National Cemetery, wow.

My grief is deep, but pray for his family today, as they lay their beloved to rest. I wish I could be there to hold my Glyndell's hand, she is a joy to my life, but they know I am with them in spirit and in prayer. My soul rests in the trueness of Joe's faith and that he is with the Father in Heaven experiencing the perfect worship that we tune our hearts toward.

And continue to pray for the Miller family, as they lost a beloved father and husband in that fateful crash on October 28th.

"As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore." Psalm 125:2


Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome, Oh-Ten :)

How is it that the most beautiful time of the year passed for me in such a blur? With all the things happening in our lives right now, Christmas snuck up on us, the New Year raced by us, and suddenly Two Thousand Ten has fallen into our laps.

Honestly, I thought we would be in flying cars by now.

What's up with that?

As this year opens up anew, I, very obviously, cannot help but look back on the incredible year that was 2009. Incredible, in so many many ways, but full of hard change, painful moments, and stretching beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Saturday was the day my friend Joe would have married his bride, Jen.
Friday my friend Bianca married her Brett.
Thursday I spent my very first New Years Eve in 8 years without my husband.
Thank you Harbor Parking ;)

Bianca's wedding basically took my entire week up in it's estrogen-filled clutches. Even though I've been so busy shooting family pictures, engagements, bridals, etc., I somehow found the time to hang out with my Jamie who came down for a week for the wedding, and my brother, who was able to spend two wonderful weeks home for the holidays. We had so much fun, and Jena, you turned those flower girl baskets into a heck of a masterpiece ;) Seriously.

Really, the only downside about the wedding taking over my live this past week was how much I missed my husband and Wesley. We didn't get to spend too much time together.

Hopefully we can remedy that this week while we catch up on sleep and quality time.
I was also able to meet my little buddy Luralie for the first time and hold her. Wesley actually gave her her first new years kiss :) Love you Albrights!

Blessings on this new year, my friends. You are all such unique threads in this beautiful tapestry of life. You are treasured!