Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome, Oh-Ten :)

How is it that the most beautiful time of the year passed for me in such a blur? With all the things happening in our lives right now, Christmas snuck up on us, the New Year raced by us, and suddenly Two Thousand Ten has fallen into our laps.

Honestly, I thought we would be in flying cars by now.

What's up with that?

As this year opens up anew, I, very obviously, cannot help but look back on the incredible year that was 2009. Incredible, in so many many ways, but full of hard change, painful moments, and stretching beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Saturday was the day my friend Joe would have married his bride, Jen.
Friday my friend Bianca married her Brett.
Thursday I spent my very first New Years Eve in 8 years without my husband.
Thank you Harbor Parking ;)

Bianca's wedding basically took my entire week up in it's estrogen-filled clutches. Even though I've been so busy shooting family pictures, engagements, bridals, etc., I somehow found the time to hang out with my Jamie who came down for a week for the wedding, and my brother, who was able to spend two wonderful weeks home for the holidays. We had so much fun, and Jena, you turned those flower girl baskets into a heck of a masterpiece ;) Seriously.

Really, the only downside about the wedding taking over my live this past week was how much I missed my husband and Wesley. We didn't get to spend too much time together.

Hopefully we can remedy that this week while we catch up on sleep and quality time.
I was also able to meet my little buddy Luralie for the first time and hold her. Wesley actually gave her her first new years kiss :) Love you Albrights!

Blessings on this new year, my friends. You are all such unique threads in this beautiful tapestry of life. You are treasured!


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