Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Birthday Lovin'

It's two in the morning as I write this now; I've been working on pictures, website stuff, and re-designing the blog. Now I am going to go sneak into bed, but not before I write a small shout out (he--eeeyy) to my sweetie pie husband. Today, the 9th, is his birthday, so please send lots of texts, facebook messages, and carrier pigeons his way! He gets to eat a free Grand-Slam from Denny's :) Woo!

Nathan, you know I love ya' baby.
You're the tea to my kettle, and I love you so. I am so grateful the Lord brought us into this epic love story....complete with diapers and mortgage bills. :) You made the right choice in pickin' me! :) ha!

Happy Birthday Nathan, my love!!!

In other news, the Albrights are in town for recruiting! I got to see their precious little Luralie grin the best grin ever at her mama and dadda last night. She seriously is the most beautiful little girl!

Ok! Ciao! *jadie


  1. Perhaps you could go watch the movie right away before you finish reading the books and get hooked. That way the movie may still be a good flick and you'll get the best of both :) Well... it could work.... :)