Monday, February 08, 2010

Oh dear, I did it again

I realize that my blogging has gone somewhat down the drain. My business, my life is just so busy these days. My little buddy was really sick with croup and still has an ugly cough, but he is doing incredibly well. Woo!

We spent this past weekend in Wharton at Nick Nov's mom's house and had an incredible time. They are such treasured friends and we love their craziness. It was so fun.

I wanted to catch you up on the past few months....from celebrating my Wesley's second birthday to taking a quick tour of tejas, to heading up to Wharton to celebrate Kya's 2nd birthday and EVYERTHING in between, but it's already 1:15 AM and I have made it a goal to get more sleep, have more times of solitude, and more moments of standing still.

So, I promise to sit here and divulge all that has been springing up in my heart these past weeks. A mighty wave of grief, uncertainty, joy, and thanksgiving has all been swirling within and it really is an wonderful thing to share with you all. I still ache everyday for my friend who is so deeply missed, but I see so much on the horizon. And I still treasure your prayers, for grief is never easy, even in the midst of celebrating the birthdays of toddlers with bright smiles.


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