Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What can I say? I am just THAT excited.

I am SO excited beyond excited right now. Two of my close friends are pregnant with their first baby, and I am SO excited. (and I just can't hide it!...okay Saved By the Bell flash back...focus, Jade, focus....)

I get really sentimental when any of my friends get pregnant, because for me, those 9 months were so special. I grew (literally, emotionally, and spiritually) to such a deeper level of Jade :) and I love looking at pictures of me with Wesley in my tummy, and marveling at the little boy full of sass and smiles that he is becoming. Those first moments that he "fluttered" in my womb were so exciting! Then, the first time I felt a good kick, I was absolutely over the moon. When Nathan could put his hands on my tummy and feel the wiggle worm squirming around
in there, I couldn't have asked for anything more. I would sit so still, just absorbing the moment, enjoying the precious time, because 9 months goes so fast. I loved every minute of it

And obviously, the bliss that occurs when you hold your baby in your arms is an easy thousand times better than any of those moments of
pregnancy, but I still cherish that time of growth and joy and anticipation. I never knew that I would love being a mommy as much as I do. It was something I didn't really care to think about. If it happened, it happened, if not, well I wouldn't know what I was missing, right? No biggie.

Boy, I had (and still have) so much to learn.

So anyways, cheers to my sweet Heather and Eric and Charity and Ricky! I am just so excited all
around for my friends. It really is an incredible joy and gift and I know they are going to have a fabulous time of growth (ha! ha!). Woo!

Oh, and the picture of Charity is of her and Wesley in the hospital :) when he was born, and the picture of the Seegers and Wesley and Stormy girl (and her pink frisbee) is in front of our house when Wesley was only a wee three months old :) Yay for a family picture of their own this year! !


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