Monday, March 22, 2010

Snips, & Snails & Wesley Tales

Here are a few conversations I had this week with my toddler:

Wesley: "I can't wait to see her, oh my gosh, I can't wait to see her!"
Me: "You can't wait to see who?"
Wesley: "Alicia!!! I loooove Alicia" (Diego's sister)

Wesley: "Mmmm, yummy, yummy. I love...I love...what's it called, mommy?"
Me: "They are called Honeycombs cereal, Wesley."
Wesley: "Mmmmm, I love honeycombs! They are yummy yummy"

Nathan: "Are you a boy Wesley?"
Wesley: (points at Nathan) "you a boy!"
Nathan: "That's right. Is mommy a girl?"
Wesley: (looking at me) "No! you mommy!"

Wesley: (While being strapped into his car seat) "I can't get out, I'm stuck, I'm stuck! Save me, please. Save me!"
Me: "Wesley, you are very safe. That's where you need to sit while we are driving the car. See? Mommy is wearing a seatbelt too"
Wesley: "Are you stuck, too mommy? Are you stuck?"

Wesley: (In reference to anything that he doesn't want) "I want either! I want either!"

Wesley: (reading a cowboy pop-up book) "Oh no! Where's the cowboy go? Oh no! I am so worried. He is lost!"

You get the picture :) My little motor mouth is talking a mile a minute, and I love to hear his imagination in words. My sweet, little adventurer. How I love him.

p.s. see the gorgeous roses on my kitchen table?? love love love them!


  1. Too cute!! I love when they can express themselves. He is too funny!

  2. This where you really get to see their personality. I love listening to my much emotion and imagination!