Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Hi Baby, hi!"

So on Monday morning, at 12 weeks, 4 days, I had my first sonogram! It was quite exciting. I was about 14 weeks along with Wesley when I had my first ultrasound. And just like with Wesley, it was one of the most magical moments of my life to see that tiny heartbeat, those tiny hands, that precious child.

Thankfully Nate was able to take off a few hours from work and come with me to the appointment, so we could bring Wesley along!

At first he was really upset because he thought the visit was for him, so he began crying and saying "I want to go home" over and over. But when he saw mommy jump up on the table
and lay down, he started to calm down. The Sonographer was super nice and efficient and in no time at all we had the wide screen tv on and the picture of our sweet little tater up.
Wesley was precious saying he loved babies, and waved and said "hi baby! hi!" He and Nate were having little conversations that I couldn't quite focus on because my eyes were glued to the screen, absorbing the moment. It was a very precious moment for me, well, for all of us.

We couldn't tell the gender yet, baby had their legs closed and curled up cross-legged. Hopefully we will be able to catch a glimpse in June for my next sono.

After the sono, I had my check up, then Nate, Wes and I grabbed lunch together before Nate had to head back to work. It was a quickie lunch, but it was still special because we marvelled over the pictures of baby and talked about names and wondered about what the baby will be like. It was a very sweet morning for us.
We parted ways, and I was so giddy and overwhelmingly thankful for the toddler in my arms and the tiny child in my tummy.

So the first two sono pics are from when Wesley was in the womb. And the next two are of Wesley's new baby brother or sister. Yay! We got a great direct look shot of Wesley's face, but this baby was wiggling around too much and wouldn't sit still. Baby kept waving their arms, so that's when Wesley was saying "hi baby! hi!". Gotta love those sweet moments. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Potty Party

I have to confess that potty training was at the very bottom of my list. The idea was very frightening to me....I heard so many horror stories from so many people, that it made me very weary of the whole thing.

Well, about a year ago, we bought Wes a tiny potty for him to try. No dice. He wasn't much of a fan of it, and frankly, the thought of having to dump the icky poo and pee into a bigger toilet was just as awful an idea as the whole potty training aspect. So into the garage it went, and on came the kids toilet seat attachment to the "big" potty. Much better.

So every now and again we'd sit him on the potty, not consistently, mind you, nor did we even try to push it. We put him in underwear, but it really was so messy, I just stopped the process altogether. (You're seeing my lack of persistence is a major trend here, right?)

Well about 2ish weeks ago, Nathan decided it was time. Wesley is 27 months, he's always game for just about anything we throw at him, so why not try again? This time with much more persistence, encouragement, and "surprises" than the last time.

Let me just say that it has been actually pretty fun! Every morning Wesley wakes up, I take him to the potty, take off his bedtime diaper, he goes potty, and then we put on underwear and he says so cheerfully "Tell you when I gotta go POTTY!" Meaning, don't forget to tell a grown up if you have to sit on the potty. And all day long he does so good! He has his little accidents every now and then, but I haven't changed a stinky diaper in 2 weeks! He prefers to go in the potty, less stinky, much more fun....and if he remembers (which he usually doesn't) he gets to pick out a little something from the Bucket 'O Fun! And when I say he has "accidents" they really are just a little bit. Like we make it just barely in time to the bathroom. Woops.

In a way, it makes me just a tiny bit sad. Obviously the heavens are rejoicing that this mommy is having an entertaining time in the process of potty training when so many have tears and frustrations (which I had in the beginning) but it makes me realize how utterly fast these babies grow. It breaks my heart to see my little explorer becoming so independent. I know it's a good thing, it's a very good thing, but still, you get my drift, right? He's not my baby anymore. He's my big boy.

And I love him and his Buzz Lightyear underwear.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Osterich, no thanks.

So I discovered yesterday that I am not a bird person. Ostriches especially. They are a little too freaky for my taste. I think I may have used the phrase "Satan's minions" once or twice while frantically raising the window to keep out their evil, pointy, seriously strong beaks.

Where were we, you ask?

Well I have to start at the beginning. You all know that asides from Nate's full time job as an environmental advisor guy, he also helps to manage the Harbor Parking, Inc., formally known as Valet Parking of South Texas. He loves said "side" job and works several jobs a week. He's quite a guy...and nerd. But I love him and his quirky passions anyway.
Well, they (Harbor Parking) had a meeting up at this Events Venue up in Kyle, Tx to discuss potential blah blah blah stuff, and Dave, the owner, couldn't make it up there. So Nate invited me and Wes to come along for the ride and that ride turned out to be a family day of fun. After the meeting we were headed home, when we saw a sign that said "Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch" and we spontaneously took the day off from responsibility, grabbed some donut holes, and headed west to the Ranch.

It was a ton of fun. Who knew? It's the kind of place where you drive under 5 mph through a giant preserve where these domesticated wildlife animals come up to your car begging (some demanding) for food. It was quite the experience for Wesley. We let him sit in the front with us (we were seriously just creeping along) and he was just in awe over the Zebras and Wildebeests. They had a kid sized petting zoo that we had a lot of fun in. The goats kept trying to eat our shoes and there was some newborn baby goats that were soooo adorable. I wanted to steal one, but I know that would have been frowned upon.

So after our whirlwind day feeding the animals, we headed home completely exhausted. But that did not stop us from dropping Wes off at Nanny's house and going on a date. We headed over to Buc Days to walk around and just see what classy Corpus Christi had to offer. Unfortunately we were met with one disappointment after another, which was really due to our poor planning and not the city's lack of coolness. Well, there is a great lack of cool, but this town can't shoulder all the blame.

Probably one of the weirdest, and saddest, sites we saw was the sweet little blonde haired girl who was dressed in a cute little ballerina outfit, get wanded by security officers. It just messes you up seeing these children hold their arms up and spin in circles for security purposes. It was nauseating. We just felt awkward watching it, and then it was our turn, and that was just as awkward. I know that's important to do, because of the times we live in, but seriously, it's a little creepy.

Anways, after a few misadventures at the carnival, we went for a drive talking and laughing and being silly. It really was a fun night. We headed to mom's to get Wesley and found them sitting in her study room listening to Wee Sing Bible Songs....a CD I used to listen to as a kiddo. It was pretty cute.

And an overall adventurous day with my family. Those are the best. :)

And now, some pictures for your enjoyment.

Wesley got a toy Giraffe :) We like Giraffes

Wesley, his toy Giraffe and the real guy :)

Us being nerds

the boys and some crazy goat friends trying to eat Nate's shirt. lol

Wesley liked these guys lol

The three of us :)

Wes and Nate on the big dinosaur

My little explorer

Zebra in yo' face

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

:::warning::::This is a really random blog. Give up now if you are prone to headaches:::

So, you parents out there, how did you come up with names for your kiddos?
And you someday parents out there, do you have names picked out for your babies already?

See....growing up I liked two names.....and I'll tell you why:

Jane: One of my all-time favorite literary authors: Jane Austen. LOVE her. Her stories are addicting and seriously some of the most re-read books in my library. I love her.

Peter: I love J.M. Barrie and his Peter Pan tale.....AND Peter, the high king from Narnia.

There are others, but I won't go nuts listing them all. You'd probably go a little bonkers yourself.

If I couldn't have those (which I can't....they just sound too silly with our last name) I was (and is) determined to find a name from a story of some sort that I love. Well, being me, that's not hard. I have a giant list of names that I absolutely adore of characters from books and plays.

I am also not the type of preggo woman that cares what people's opinions are when I share said names. Some of your pregnant types (and this is totally fine for you, no judgement here, honest) prefer to keep it secret. I'm impossible at keeping secrets of that caliber. I know the world is forever obsessed with making their opinions known when it comes to...well, everything, but I do my best to laugh and take to heart the advice I need to hear, and the opinions that I don't.

Any of the March sisters names are beloved to me, particularly Josephine, of course. There are numerous characters from Shakespearean tales that I love, let alone characters from some of the classic novels that I adore. I haven't even submerged in the world of Jane Austen and all her beautiful characters (hello, Mr. Darcy, anyone?), or Avonlea and all it's whimsy. We mustn't forget the Bridge to Terebithia or the journey to Narnia, with all it's magic. Why not name a child after the tales that have warmed my soul and encouraged my dreams since the days of my youth? I have my little explorer in Wesley, what will we discover with this new addition to our adventuring family? Will we get a bridge-crosser? A dragon-fighter? Or a lighthouse keeper? Maybe we'll get an independent writer, a dreamer. So many characters that I've loved and cherished. So many stories that have inspired me and motivated me to fall even more in love with the Creator of imagination. The passion of the written word and it's characters within....why not?

I've thrown a couple names out at my parents and a few friends who care to listen, but nobody seems to have any opinion at all about the names I like so far. But, like with Wesley, I am running full speed through a million names with a million meanings, picking something as far from possible from the top 200 or so Most Popular names lists. That's pretty hard considering so many classical names are coming back into style and everyone wants a "special" name.

I'm also the type to not care about the whole "stealing" of names thing. I'm not deluded enough to think that there is only one Jade out there in the world. Sure, growing up, I only knew of Jade Williams, a girl I went to high school with, lol, and I haven't met one since.... hmm, i forget where I was going with that. haha...oh well. Oh, right. Name stealing. Sure if you have a great great grandmother's name on both sides that you want to use and your supposed best friend steals it right before your eyes, yea I'd be a little peeved. But there are names on my list that I've loved since childhood that are more popular than you'd think. I don't care if there is more than one "so and so". You talk to your friend who named their baby that name and just let them know....that's on my list, fyi. They're gonna be friends anyways. :)

Ok, that might be a little extreme. But, hopefully you see my point. Which is that their names were on God's heart before they were even in the womb! Wow! They are so loved already. Wow. But you know, that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day.

Wow, I am a terrible blogger. I chase so many circles, it's ridiculous.

Anyways, I keep going back to the same names, and I make a nice little list with the meanings of the names and email them to Nate. He usually doesn't respond and I have to ask him later what he thought of the list of that day. His response is that he can't really see the name until we know what the little tater is. Sure, sure. Whatever. I still pioneer forth through the sea of baby names, getting giddy when I read one of character and laughing when I read some of the more ridiculous suggestions.

I love names of meaning. Names that are creative, but not overly weird or spelled strangely (mostly for my benefit, because I would forget to spell it right). I'm a traditionalist in the sense that I feel a name ought to mean something or represent something of importance.

Obviously it's to early to fret, let alone THINK too much about naming this sweet little child. But it's fun to research and dream of what this baby's personality will be like. I just want a name that will go with Wesley. :) So I can't get something ultra organic name like Journey. Not that I would pick Journey, or like Nathan would LET me pick Journey, but you know what I mean.

So how did you come up with the names for your child(ren)?
If you were having our baby, what would you name it? And we're being positive here, kids. ;)

We already have a few petitioning for the role as namesake. :) You know who you are.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Revolution, babe.

I'm an awful cook.

There. I said it. Truly, I am. It's so pitiful. I LOVE to be cooked for....but unfortunately I wasn't paired with a man who cooks. He doesn't even LIKE to try to cook. I'm at least a step ahead there. I enjoy "trying"....more like "ruining" new things in the kitchen.

My mom showed me, oh the basics, the very general basics of cooking, but I never had any patience for it. I preferred to be the queen of society and have people cook for me. That's how royalty is, right?

So you can see my great predicament as I try to raise a healthy human being, as well as taking care of my husband and myself. I have never been interested in researching recipes, food plans, etc. The best advice I've ever had was to plan my meals out beforehand and THEN go to the grocery store, so I don't waste money. That has helped tremendously, but I still make the same boring, very simple, very easy meals.

Peanut butter and Jelly and grilled sandwiches are pretty much a staple in our house. And while I try to make those as healthy as possible, they pretty much rule the home. Oh, and don't forget the cereal dinners. We LOVE cereal. :)

So my new goal is to work on my culinary skills. I am going to plan 2 new meals a week. Meals that I have never tried, plan accordingly, and try to not get too frustrated when I mess up. I haven't actually watched an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, but I pretty much can sum up what he's doing by keeping up with his website. He has some great tips for meal planning and all sorts of child friendly meals.

Another thing I've been doing is subscribing to blogs that are written by moms for moms who desire to live simple, healthy lifestyle. Those goals, mixed with prayer and seeking hard after the heart of the Creator of good food :), I hope to see big changes in how I feel and how my family feels. We aren't fans of eating out, it's so expensive and fast food restaurants are so dirty. (Have i mentioned how paranoid I am of dirty food establishments?)

I feel sorry for my sweeties because I really am a terrible cook. But I hope to change that....well, attempt to change it. That's all I can do is try, right?

Or I could have my brother become our Nanny and Chef....since he's the one Wesley always wants to hang out with, anyways. Pssshhh......I wish!

Oh, here are some blogs that I have been reading: All these women have GREAT ideas and they are so silly and creative. I love reading and gleaning all that I can from their hearts.

Not Without Salt » This girl is one of my favorites, not only because her recipes are fairly simple to follow, she takes awesome pictures, and she is preggo too! So her humor and creative spirit really shines with me. I am a huge fan of her page.

lunchbox limbo » This mother has really simple ideas for her kiddos lunches and she's very encouraging when it comes to just "keep trying" with the veggies. Her little ideas are precious.

Panini Happy » I am a little obsessed with sandwhiches. I love them. Especially grilled. This girl has dedicated her site to the ART of Panini press. SIMPLY fabulous. And man, they look awesome! Definitely have a few of her ideas on my next menu.

Picky Palate » Yes....this woman has some yummy stuff. One of her posts actually made my mouth water. Enough said.

Little Nummies » I have been following this gal for quite a while. Her ideas are very simple, and VERY fun! Wesley really likes shapes, and she has a great plethora of ideas incorporating shapes and colors into meals. LOVE her!

Cooking During Stolen Moments » This gal has really user friendly ideas for really tasty meals. I poured over her recipes one afternoon and I can't wait to try some of her recipes out!

You get the point....I have more, but I am going to cap it there. :) Gonna watch a movie with my sweetie pie husby.

I love how these women capture what they cook along the way. I am SO very visual and it is important for me to have that extra something when I learn new things. I will have to let you all know how my experimenting goes. I am going to HEB first thing in the morning :) Woo!

À bientôt!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just three more!

a short conversation between my toddler and myself:

Wes: "I need these mommy" triumphantly holds up a bag of m&m's that are left over from Easter.

me: "You may have three pieces. Let's count them out". So he counts out three.

Wes: "ohh wow, oh wow, thank you, thank you!"

a few minutes later....

Wes: "mommy, i need more!"

me: "No sir, I gave you three and that's all you get"

Wes: "But I neeeeeed three more!"

me: "No sir, you had your three. Go sit down"

Wes: "I need to hold three! Just three more!"


Wes: "3, 2, 3....blast off....." then proceeds to cry.

I'm not sure where the blast off came from, but he is still mumbling to himself that he "needs three more". This kid seriously cracks me up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little bit of ginger

This sick preggo mama's best friend.
Not many people can see how I can drink this straight from the can. I don't see the big deal, really. It helps my tummy without the ultra crazy sugary taste of sprite or lemon-lime fizzy drinks.

Really....this and crackers are Jadie's best friend today. Thank goodness for the pregnant woman's ale. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Cow of a Tale Jamie will probably say that I am being dramatic, but tonight we almost got run over by a very small herd of cows.

What do you think about that??

I may have been on a serious precipice of freak out purely because I am with child, but those darn cows sure scared the bejeezies out of this little lady. Oh, the story? Sure, I'll tell you about it. It really isn't that exciting, but the mental terror sure felt real.

It all started with a great afternoon of taking pictures of the lovely Lacey and her ultra sweet fiance Ben on his family's farm. It was gorgeous (with some crazy wind shots) and lots of fun listening to Ben's awesome dad "educate" Jamie and I on the workings of the farm. Plus, it was wonderful to meet his grandparents and catch a glimpse into Ben's childhood :) We got to see all the sweet family pictures hanging on his grandparent's walls and his dad showed us everyone we would meet at the wedding in May. It's those feels-like-home families that we just absolutely love. So welcoming and fun!

So we wrap up the session, complete with tractors and grain fields and even an airplane, and we head out to Edroy to his other grandfather's place to grab a few shots on his Pop's land near a pond. We get to said destination, start meandering across the pasture towards the very adorable pond and Lacey says "Oh, the cows probably think you're going to feed them", because they had all just ran to one corner of the field where they normally eat. Then, not a few moments later, we all look up to see the entire herd come barreling towards us at full speed. Me: "What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?"
Jamie: "Are they going to stop??"
Lacey: "Ben, Ben, what are they doing?? I've never seen them do that before?!"
Ben: "Don't Run! (as Jamie and I were about to hightail it back to the gate) Just stand still"

So of course, while clutching my camera to my chest, terrified and about to hyperventilate, I grab onto Lacey and Ben's arms and HIDE behind them.

Yep....this delightful couple that I just met saw the weaker side of their wedding photographer: when big animals start charging, RUN or HIDE. I'm embarrassed to say that all I could think about was "I'm about to get squashed" and not "Protect the clients".

But thankfully, as you can guess, the cows came to an abrupt stop right in front of us...and they surrounded us.....and they stared us down. And they KEPT staring us down until Ben decided to feed them. At which point, they followed after Ben, who was shaking his head at the wussy city girl photographer who at one point in the day asked his farmer father "So, what do you do with Sunflowers?"

Yep, that's me. The Photographer who is scared of cows, goats, and snakes....and who had no idea why in the world farmers would grow sunflowers. Though "they sure are pretty to look at!" Okay....big sigh.

So Lacey, Jamie and I walked as nonchalantly as possible to the pond, while calmly discussing what we would do if the bull (who was just standing there staring at us) happened to charge. Jump in the pond? How do we save the camera? Don't cows swim? What's your wedding dress look like? Is that a real frog lying so unnaturally upside down?

You know, the usual girl talk.

As Ben was walking back across the pasture to us (after successfully feeding those starving beasts) I smiled and said to Lacey "Look at your big tough country boy takin' care of the women folk". I got a nice roll of the eyes from Jamie.

Anyways, that was probably the most adventurous little Engagement Session I've had to date. We asked Ben if he knew they were going to stop and he said he'd never seen the cows do that before.
Going through Ben's mind as they were running toward us: "They'll stop. Yea they're gonna stop. Uh oh, are they gonna stop?"

Good times with Lacey & Ben! Can't wait until May for their wedding!

I don't remember snapping this. But here are the cows a little ways off, running toward us.

One of the pictures that made the cows worth it.

And just a couple random ones to add to the mix.

In the grain field.

End Scene.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dr. Visit numero uno: check

So I had a GREAT time this morning at my first pre-natal visit.
Uhhh...curb the enthusiasm just a bit there, jadie. Yea.....I mean, who actually LOVES the first pre-natal exam?? haha....they are a little invasive and awkard, but so necessary and I'm thankful to live in a place where medical help is just down the street and not by bus to the next village. I take so much for much.

Wow, isn't it amazing how fast I digress? In just that short paragraph I already ran in a few circles. Jeez...focus, Jade....focus...

So I met my new doctor. I called around, did my profile research, did my praying and consulting and stressing and praying and I found my new doctor. I am over the moon. She and I had a good long talk and she was very encouraging and kind hearted. Thank you for your prayers, your suggestions, your good ideas. Continued prayer is very welcome! I am almost 10 weeks along and I am just praying for good health, spiritually and physically. I am really using this new pregnancy as a time to draw nearer to the Lord, to challenge myself to be the best mother I can be, the best wife I can's a little hard when I am so exhausted, but thankfully I have an incredible and understanding husband who takes care of his woman.

On that note, my darling Husband deserve a serious shout out for doing all...and I mean ALL the post-Easter dishes, AND vacuuming ALL the confetti that was through the house. While I slept peacefully in our bed, obvlivious to it all.

Isn't he just incredible? I am so thankful for how he knows what I need. Apparently I was looking a little tired.....I am taken back to a few years ago when my then (and now) belly buddy Kerre Thorne was going through her first trimester.....and I was into my second (we are reversed now, by the way....she's in her second and I'm in my first lol!) and we were both so tired. Her husband Aaron would say "It's hard work making a baby". I don't know how many times I heard him say that, but I think about it often when I am laying on the couch sipping gingerale letting Wesley have some bonding time with Olivia on NickJr :) It's so true! You women who carry multiples are my hero! And you women who have multiple OUT of the womb and are still up and running around like you're in the Justice League or something are my heroes. I seriously look to you for inspiration when I want to be lazy.

Children are such a joyous thing.....whether you are laboring for a child in your body or adopting one through a great agency.....what a gift to be a parent. Wow.

And we get to see baby on the ultrasound monitor in just 2 and a half weeks. :)
You well seasoned moms out there..did you take your kids with you to the ultrasound to see their new munchkin sibling? Or did you leave them at home with a sitter or grandma or someone?

Oh! and a lot of my friends know that I'm not a big chocolate eater.....I prefer salty snacks to sugary snacks. Peanut m&ms are about as sweet as I usually get candy-wise. ......uhhhh, yea I've been a little obsessed with chocolate. Yikes....gotta keep away from it, otherwise I might turn into Augustus Gloop from Charlie & the Chocolate factory. riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhht......

:) Happy Wednesday kids.
Easter post coming soon.....


Thursday, April 01, 2010

the Bebè Dos :)

Okay, so you all have probably heard the news splashed all over Facebook, etc.

We are pregnant!

With little bebè dos! We couldn't be more thrilled.....and anxious....and excited. You know, all those normal emotions that come with the giant change that is about to happen in our lives. I find myself holding Wesley a little tighter, cuddling a little longer, just staring at him for no reason except to admire his sweet innocence. I can't believe that he is going to be a big brother....and he is going to have to share his mama. :) I know, that's probably not anything I should be worrying about, but it's a big deal for me to enjoy this season of just one on one mama/wesley time these next 7 or so months. (I am 9 weeks along, for you who are wondering). I know after the baby comes, we will be able to have our little dates still, but everything will be different. I know my heart can only grow bigger with love. It's going to be a wonderful ride.

So, the story, people have been asking for. Details, you all want. Here ya go. :)
About a month ago...the last week of February, I started having the "feeling" that I might be pregnant. It was still too early to take a home-test (I know my body seriously well) but I "knew". So I gave myself a week. Three days into March, I took the test and voila! One plus sign, one negative sign. :) That still confuses Nathan to this day. Haha....but it was a positive! As I knew it would be. I stood in Wesley's bathroom holding the test, looking in the mirror, tears welling up in my eyes. I was a little in shock, but the happiness was extremely potent. I walked slowly to our bedroom, where Nathan was winding down from just getting home from work. We stand in the doorway small talking and I just hold up the test, smiling. He looks at it, looks at me, looks at it, looks at me and wonders when I took the test. I said "just now....I was right". He knew of my suspicion and he hugged me and patted my tummy and said something to the effect of "hello in there!" We were so excited. So we sat on our big bed with Wesley and told him a few things, and I grabbed my camera and we took pictures. (of course) and we laughed a lot about how we should tell our family's.

We finally settled on my daddy's birthday. You see, when we were pregnant with Wesley, Nathan made a video (which I am going to post at the bottom of this post) and we showed the video at my 23rd birthday party in front of some of our closest family and friends. It was exhilarating and wonderful and so very memorable. So Nate insisted on us doing something similar for bebe dos. So we took pictures of Wesley in a shirt that I made that says "Big Brother Wesley" on it. I framed the picture and we wrapped it for my dad to open up on his birthday and that's how we'd share with our family.

SOME of you know that I spilled the beans a few times to a few people along the way. For goodness sakes....I found out MARCH 3.....and didn't tell my FAMILY until MARCH 27th. THAT is a long stinkin' time to hold something like this in. :) Not to mention that I was certain that my all knowing mother already suspected something (i.e., mood swings, demanding to be fed when I was hungry, nibbling on bread randomly, and the general laziness that comes with first trimester symptoms). I called my sweetie pie Erin Stapper, because she's my guru for all things mommy and pregnancy. I love her heart, and I had to tell her. I told Jamie, because she puts up with my miscellaneous crap and loves me anyways. And then a few lucky people along the way either guessed or I just blurted it out to. :) But my parents NEVER knew. So Success. And they were so happy when they finally heard the news. Dad got a kick out of his "gift" and Brandon said he suspected something was up when I was obsessed with organizing and re-painting the spare room.

So now the world knows and we are just excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. Wesley insists on having a baby brother. He rotates between the names "Julian" (which coincidentally is my grandfather's name) and "Ian" because those are two characters from the Olivia cartoon and books. He loves those. It's hilarious. I ask him if he want's a sister, and he says "NO, a little brother named Ian". It's pretty stinkin' cute.

As for symptoms...I've been pretty sick. You mom's out there who have been there know what I'm talkin' about. I was NEVER sick once with Wesley, but this baby has me on my knees in more ways than one. It's not pleasant, but I'm thankful because it just means a baby is growing in there and I'll take the puke any day. Again, it's a mom thing. You guys probably quit reading a long time ago. :)

Fatigue is also in the running for the thing that's keeping me out of the public eye. lol. I am EXHAUSTED. Not sleepy. Just tired. Nathan came home from work and the house was completely out of order. Not a thing was in it's place, except for me on the couch covered up with a blanket, and Wesley sitting on the armrest playing with my hair. haha. I have him trained good. :) Nate said "uh...honey, do you need some help?" I don't think I even answered him, I was so tired. Hahaha...

So now I am in the market for a new doctor to deliver this baby. I am pretty nervous about this, because I was pretty close and very attached to the doctor who delivered Wesley. They aren't carrying our insurance anymore and it just wouldn't be wise for us to pay out of network to keep her. (like she's a puppy or something). SO several of my precious friends gave me a monumental list of doctors that they know and love and my first meet-up is this coming Wednesday. So pray that I find a doctor that I am comfortable with, that is sensitive to my needs, and who will listen to my millions of fears and questions without judgement. I tend to be annoying. :) And I have to remind myself that the Lord knows this child's heart and knows exactly who will deliver him/her. Prayers are always appreciated!!

So here are some pictures to help you visualize how the week has gone :)

Here is Wesley & a stuffed animal I bought for the new baby before I knew officially that I was pregnant. I did the same with Wesley. :) He got an elephant.

Here is the three of us the night we found out. We were being so silly. :)

Here is my dad opening his gift....a framed picture of Wesley wearing a "Big Brother Wesley" t-shirt. :) They are so cute.

Here is me and my sweet friend Charity. She is 6 months-ish pregnant with her daughter Olivia. We always talked about being belly buddies and God has blessed us! :) My other good friend Heather is also pregnant (if you remember this post here) and it makes me so happy. :)

Well, I can't find the video that Nathan made for our families when we were pregnant with Wesley. So here is the link to it on our facebook. If you can't see it....well, sorry about that :) hehe.

So there you go, you should be up to speed. Obviously, I will continue to keep up with you all through here and facebook. Though, after today (April Fool's Day) I don't know if you will trust us anymore. If you haven't heard I am NOT pregnant with twins. That we know of. :) Nathan was just really excited to come up with a good April Fool's Day joke for once. :)

Prayers are always appreciated. So, so so thankful. For so much.

"He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young."
Isaiah 40:11