Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Cow of a Tale Jamie will probably say that I am being dramatic, but tonight we almost got run over by a very small herd of cows.

What do you think about that??

I may have been on a serious precipice of freak out purely because I am with child, but those darn cows sure scared the bejeezies out of this little lady. Oh, the story? Sure, I'll tell you about it. It really isn't that exciting, but the mental terror sure felt real.

It all started with a great afternoon of taking pictures of the lovely Lacey and her ultra sweet fiance Ben on his family's farm. It was gorgeous (with some crazy wind shots) and lots of fun listening to Ben's awesome dad "educate" Jamie and I on the workings of the farm. Plus, it was wonderful to meet his grandparents and catch a glimpse into Ben's childhood :) We got to see all the sweet family pictures hanging on his grandparent's walls and his dad showed us everyone we would meet at the wedding in May. It's those feels-like-home families that we just absolutely love. So welcoming and fun!

So we wrap up the session, complete with tractors and grain fields and even an airplane, and we head out to Edroy to his other grandfather's place to grab a few shots on his Pop's land near a pond. We get to said destination, start meandering across the pasture towards the very adorable pond and Lacey says "Oh, the cows probably think you're going to feed them", because they had all just ran to one corner of the field where they normally eat. Then, not a few moments later, we all look up to see the entire herd come barreling towards us at full speed. Me: "What do we do, what do we do, what do we do?"
Jamie: "Are they going to stop??"
Lacey: "Ben, Ben, what are they doing?? I've never seen them do that before?!"
Ben: "Don't Run! (as Jamie and I were about to hightail it back to the gate) Just stand still"

So of course, while clutching my camera to my chest, terrified and about to hyperventilate, I grab onto Lacey and Ben's arms and HIDE behind them.

Yep....this delightful couple that I just met saw the weaker side of their wedding photographer: when big animals start charging, RUN or HIDE. I'm embarrassed to say that all I could think about was "I'm about to get squashed" and not "Protect the clients".

But thankfully, as you can guess, the cows came to an abrupt stop right in front of us...and they surrounded us.....and they stared us down. And they KEPT staring us down until Ben decided to feed them. At which point, they followed after Ben, who was shaking his head at the wussy city girl photographer who at one point in the day asked his farmer father "So, what do you do with Sunflowers?"

Yep, that's me. The Photographer who is scared of cows, goats, and snakes....and who had no idea why in the world farmers would grow sunflowers. Though "they sure are pretty to look at!" Okay....big sigh.

So Lacey, Jamie and I walked as nonchalantly as possible to the pond, while calmly discussing what we would do if the bull (who was just standing there staring at us) happened to charge. Jump in the pond? How do we save the camera? Don't cows swim? What's your wedding dress look like? Is that a real frog lying so unnaturally upside down?

You know, the usual girl talk.

As Ben was walking back across the pasture to us (after successfully feeding those starving beasts) I smiled and said to Lacey "Look at your big tough country boy takin' care of the women folk". I got a nice roll of the eyes from Jamie.

Anyways, that was probably the most adventurous little Engagement Session I've had to date. We asked Ben if he knew they were going to stop and he said he'd never seen the cows do that before.
Going through Ben's mind as they were running toward us: "They'll stop. Yea they're gonna stop. Uh oh, are they gonna stop?"

Good times with Lacey & Ben! Can't wait until May for their wedding!

I don't remember snapping this. But here are the cows a little ways off, running toward us.

One of the pictures that made the cows worth it.

And just a couple random ones to add to the mix.

In the grain field.

End Scene.


  1. Hahahaha...I love this story. I can just see you cute little Jadie - fearing for your life. :) And the pics! L.O.V.E. that grain field!

    You know...the first time I ever rode a horse it was to escape a herd of angry cows in the middle of a random field. My friend said, "You have to ride the horse. There is no other way to get away." Haha...turns out I love riding horses! But it took the scary cows to force me to try it. :)

  2. Seriously, I was telling Nathan the story later that night and he said that running wouldn't have done us any good, that I would have been toast if they had actually charged us. I said "Does that even happen" and he said it happens all the time, especially in the olden days when people camped near their cattle to keep an eye on them, but it still happens today. How scary!

  3. first time ive read your blog, to be truthful...funny stuff! you really have a gift not only for photography, but also for narration :)

    you guys are a fun, life-loving family, and that is really awesome :)