Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dr. Visit numero uno: check

So I had a GREAT time this morning at my first pre-natal visit.
Uhhh...curb the enthusiasm just a bit there, jadie. Yea.....I mean, who actually LOVES the first pre-natal exam?? haha....they are a little invasive and awkard, but so necessary and I'm thankful to live in a place where medical help is just down the street and not by bus to the next village. I take so much for much.

Wow, isn't it amazing how fast I digress? In just that short paragraph I already ran in a few circles. Jeez...focus, Jade....focus...

So I met my new doctor. I called around, did my profile research, did my praying and consulting and stressing and praying and I found my new doctor. I am over the moon. She and I had a good long talk and she was very encouraging and kind hearted. Thank you for your prayers, your suggestions, your good ideas. Continued prayer is very welcome! I am almost 10 weeks along and I am just praying for good health, spiritually and physically. I am really using this new pregnancy as a time to draw nearer to the Lord, to challenge myself to be the best mother I can be, the best wife I can's a little hard when I am so exhausted, but thankfully I have an incredible and understanding husband who takes care of his woman.

On that note, my darling Husband deserve a serious shout out for doing all...and I mean ALL the post-Easter dishes, AND vacuuming ALL the confetti that was through the house. While I slept peacefully in our bed, obvlivious to it all.

Isn't he just incredible? I am so thankful for how he knows what I need. Apparently I was looking a little tired.....I am taken back to a few years ago when my then (and now) belly buddy Kerre Thorne was going through her first trimester.....and I was into my second (we are reversed now, by the way....she's in her second and I'm in my first lol!) and we were both so tired. Her husband Aaron would say "It's hard work making a baby". I don't know how many times I heard him say that, but I think about it often when I am laying on the couch sipping gingerale letting Wesley have some bonding time with Olivia on NickJr :) It's so true! You women who carry multiples are my hero! And you women who have multiple OUT of the womb and are still up and running around like you're in the Justice League or something are my heroes. I seriously look to you for inspiration when I want to be lazy.

Children are such a joyous thing.....whether you are laboring for a child in your body or adopting one through a great agency.....what a gift to be a parent. Wow.

And we get to see baby on the ultrasound monitor in just 2 and a half weeks. :)
You well seasoned moms out there..did you take your kids with you to the ultrasound to see their new munchkin sibling? Or did you leave them at home with a sitter or grandma or someone?

Oh! and a lot of my friends know that I'm not a big chocolate eater.....I prefer salty snacks to sugary snacks. Peanut m&ms are about as sweet as I usually get candy-wise. ......uhhhh, yea I've been a little obsessed with chocolate. Yikes....gotta keep away from it, otherwise I might turn into Augustus Gloop from Charlie & the Chocolate factory. riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhhht......

:) Happy Wednesday kids.
Easter post coming soon.....



  1. I look forward to seeing "pics" of baby number two :) I think I took C when I was pregnant with R but I don't remember. I know that I did not take children with B's sonogram, but did take R to E's. WHEW! I hope you can decifer all of that :) So, which Dr. did you choose? I hope you are extremely blessed...yippee!! I am so happy for you!

  2. Awwww yay for the first visit! Who did you end up going with? I can't wait to see sonogram pictures.

  3. I definitely took miss Heather to see "her baby" grow (Laura). She was excited to hear the "heart beeps" and see the shadows turn into a little person. She loved baby doctor day, especially when the ultrasound showed a moving wiggling little person. She was utterly delighted. Probably didn't hurt that we had a lunch date right after to talk about all the ways she would help me. haha, start the brainwashing as early as possible-it works!

  4. How cute Jadie! I didn't know Kerry was pregnant again...that is fun! Moms of any and every kind are my heroes for sure. When I think about waking up, feeding another person and getting myself AND them dressed for the day and out the door it seems IMPOSSIBLE! Miracle workers you mamas...haha. I can't wait to meet your new little one!