Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a Potty Party

I have to confess that potty training was at the very bottom of my list. The idea was very frightening to me....I heard so many horror stories from so many people, that it made me very weary of the whole thing.

Well, about a year ago, we bought Wes a tiny potty for him to try. No dice. He wasn't much of a fan of it, and frankly, the thought of having to dump the icky poo and pee into a bigger toilet was just as awful an idea as the whole potty training aspect. So into the garage it went, and on came the kids toilet seat attachment to the "big" potty. Much better.

So every now and again we'd sit him on the potty, not consistently, mind you, nor did we even try to push it. We put him in underwear, but it really was so messy, I just stopped the process altogether. (You're seeing my lack of persistence is a major trend here, right?)

Well about 2ish weeks ago, Nathan decided it was time. Wesley is 27 months, he's always game for just about anything we throw at him, so why not try again? This time with much more persistence, encouragement, and "surprises" than the last time.

Let me just say that it has been actually pretty fun! Every morning Wesley wakes up, I take him to the potty, take off his bedtime diaper, he goes potty, and then we put on underwear and he says so cheerfully "Tell you when I gotta go POTTY!" Meaning, don't forget to tell a grown up if you have to sit on the potty. And all day long he does so good! He has his little accidents every now and then, but I haven't changed a stinky diaper in 2 weeks! He prefers to go in the potty, less stinky, much more fun....and if he remembers (which he usually doesn't) he gets to pick out a little something from the Bucket 'O Fun! And when I say he has "accidents" they really are just a little bit. Like we make it just barely in time to the bathroom. Woops.

In a way, it makes me just a tiny bit sad. Obviously the heavens are rejoicing that this mommy is having an entertaining time in the process of potty training when so many have tears and frustrations (which I had in the beginning) but it makes me realize how utterly fast these babies grow. It breaks my heart to see my little explorer becoming so independent. I know it's a good thing, it's a very good thing, but still, you get my drift, right? He's not my baby anymore. He's my big boy.

And I love him and his Buzz Lightyear underwear.

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  1. I have also been inconsistent and I totally agree with the little potty. Did the same thing and got one that attaches to the big potty. Jojo actually seemed excited at first and I had candy for her when she used the potty but she would just sit there and then hop off and then throw a fit if I tried to put her back on and she thought she was supposed to get candy whether she went potty or not. So my attempts have been futile and someday I will try again but I too am kind of terrified with the whole thought of it. I mean what do you do when you're out on the town and your kiddo needs to use the bathroom? Can we get to the toilet in time? Anyways, kuddos to you! hope you are starting to feel better!