Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Revolution, babe.

I'm an awful cook.

There. I said it. Truly, I am. It's so pitiful. I LOVE to be cooked for....but unfortunately I wasn't paired with a man who cooks. He doesn't even LIKE to try to cook. I'm at least a step ahead there. I enjoy "trying"....more like "ruining" new things in the kitchen.

My mom showed me, oh the basics, the very general basics of cooking, but I never had any patience for it. I preferred to be the queen of society and have people cook for me. That's how royalty is, right?

So you can see my great predicament as I try to raise a healthy human being, as well as taking care of my husband and myself. I have never been interested in researching recipes, food plans, etc. The best advice I've ever had was to plan my meals out beforehand and THEN go to the grocery store, so I don't waste money. That has helped tremendously, but I still make the same boring, very simple, very easy meals.

Peanut butter and Jelly and grilled sandwiches are pretty much a staple in our house. And while I try to make those as healthy as possible, they pretty much rule the home. Oh, and don't forget the cereal dinners. We LOVE cereal. :)

So my new goal is to work on my culinary skills. I am going to plan 2 new meals a week. Meals that I have never tried, plan accordingly, and try to not get too frustrated when I mess up. I haven't actually watched an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, but I pretty much can sum up what he's doing by keeping up with his website. He has some great tips for meal planning and all sorts of child friendly meals.

Another thing I've been doing is subscribing to blogs that are written by moms for moms who desire to live simple, healthy lifestyle. Those goals, mixed with prayer and seeking hard after the heart of the Creator of good food :), I hope to see big changes in how I feel and how my family feels. We aren't fans of eating out, it's so expensive and fast food restaurants are so dirty. (Have i mentioned how paranoid I am of dirty food establishments?)

I feel sorry for my sweeties because I really am a terrible cook. But I hope to change that....well, attempt to change it. That's all I can do is try, right?

Or I could have my brother become our Nanny and Chef....since he's the one Wesley always wants to hang out with, anyways. Pssshhh......I wish!

Oh, here are some blogs that I have been reading: All these women have GREAT ideas and they are so silly and creative. I love reading and gleaning all that I can from their hearts.

Not Without Salt » This girl is one of my favorites, not only because her recipes are fairly simple to follow, she takes awesome pictures, and she is preggo too! So her humor and creative spirit really shines with me. I am a huge fan of her page.

lunchbox limbo » This mother has really simple ideas for her kiddos lunches and she's very encouraging when it comes to just "keep trying" with the veggies. Her little ideas are precious.

Panini Happy » I am a little obsessed with sandwhiches. I love them. Especially grilled. This girl has dedicated her site to the ART of Panini press. SIMPLY fabulous. And man, they look awesome! Definitely have a few of her ideas on my next menu.

Picky Palate » Yes....this woman has some yummy stuff. One of her posts actually made my mouth water. Enough said.

Little Nummies » I have been following this gal for quite a while. Her ideas are very simple, and VERY fun! Wesley really likes shapes, and she has a great plethora of ideas incorporating shapes and colors into meals. LOVE her!

Cooking During Stolen Moments » This gal has really user friendly ideas for really tasty meals. I poured over her recipes one afternoon and I can't wait to try some of her recipes out!

You get the point....I have more, but I am going to cap it there. :) Gonna watch a movie with my sweetie pie husby.

I love how these women capture what they cook along the way. I am SO very visual and it is important for me to have that extra something when I learn new things. I will have to let you all know how my experimenting goes. I am going to HEB first thing in the morning :) Woo!

À bientôt!


  1. cereal dinners happen all the time around here! I just buy the 'good' kind! haha, in fact, I just posted a cereal lunch for tomorrow.
    Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I hope we can inspire each other!
    amanda - lunchbox limbo

  2. Thanks for the links Jade! I love cookbooks but never really get around to cooking with them. I'll be perusing for some new ideas....

  3. I saw that post last night and was super excited about it. :) I love how animated your son is! He seems so precious.

    Amanda #2, these gals are so inspiring. Absorb all you can! :) At least you don't have to start from scratch like me....i am just sooo terrible in the kitchen. I gotta suck it up though.

  4. Jade how cute! I need to learn some serious cooking skills as well. I've been working on it....I'm totally checking out those sites. I figure by the time I land a husband and some littles I should be a pro :) Here's hoping...

    You know who I love?? This lady. Love love love her. You should check out her's to die for. And P.S. - I think you are adorable.

  5. I love cookbooks but never really get around to cooking with them. I'll be perusing for some new ideas....

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