Friday, April 16, 2010

Just three more!

a short conversation between my toddler and myself:

Wes: "I need these mommy" triumphantly holds up a bag of m&m's that are left over from Easter.

me: "You may have three pieces. Let's count them out". So he counts out three.

Wes: "ohh wow, oh wow, thank you, thank you!"

a few minutes later....

Wes: "mommy, i need more!"

me: "No sir, I gave you three and that's all you get"

Wes: "But I neeeeeed three more!"

me: "No sir, you had your three. Go sit down"

Wes: "I need to hold three! Just three more!"


Wes: "3, 2, 3....blast off....." then proceeds to cry.

I'm not sure where the blast off came from, but he is still mumbling to himself that he "needs three more". This kid seriously cracks me up.

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