Friday, April 23, 2010

Osterich, no thanks.

So I discovered yesterday that I am not a bird person. Ostriches especially. They are a little too freaky for my taste. I think I may have used the phrase "Satan's minions" once or twice while frantically raising the window to keep out their evil, pointy, seriously strong beaks.

Where were we, you ask?

Well I have to start at the beginning. You all know that asides from Nate's full time job as an environmental advisor guy, he also helps to manage the Harbor Parking, Inc., formally known as Valet Parking of South Texas. He loves said "side" job and works several jobs a week. He's quite a guy...and nerd. But I love him and his quirky passions anyway.
Well, they (Harbor Parking) had a meeting up at this Events Venue up in Kyle, Tx to discuss potential blah blah blah stuff, and Dave, the owner, couldn't make it up there. So Nate invited me and Wes to come along for the ride and that ride turned out to be a family day of fun. After the meeting we were headed home, when we saw a sign that said "Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch" and we spontaneously took the day off from responsibility, grabbed some donut holes, and headed west to the Ranch.

It was a ton of fun. Who knew? It's the kind of place where you drive under 5 mph through a giant preserve where these domesticated wildlife animals come up to your car begging (some demanding) for food. It was quite the experience for Wesley. We let him sit in the front with us (we were seriously just creeping along) and he was just in awe over the Zebras and Wildebeests. They had a kid sized petting zoo that we had a lot of fun in. The goats kept trying to eat our shoes and there was some newborn baby goats that were soooo adorable. I wanted to steal one, but I know that would have been frowned upon.

So after our whirlwind day feeding the animals, we headed home completely exhausted. But that did not stop us from dropping Wes off at Nanny's house and going on a date. We headed over to Buc Days to walk around and just see what classy Corpus Christi had to offer. Unfortunately we were met with one disappointment after another, which was really due to our poor planning and not the city's lack of coolness. Well, there is a great lack of cool, but this town can't shoulder all the blame.

Probably one of the weirdest, and saddest, sites we saw was the sweet little blonde haired girl who was dressed in a cute little ballerina outfit, get wanded by security officers. It just messes you up seeing these children hold their arms up and spin in circles for security purposes. It was nauseating. We just felt awkward watching it, and then it was our turn, and that was just as awkward. I know that's important to do, because of the times we live in, but seriously, it's a little creepy.

Anways, after a few misadventures at the carnival, we went for a drive talking and laughing and being silly. It really was a fun night. We headed to mom's to get Wesley and found them sitting in her study room listening to Wee Sing Bible Songs....a CD I used to listen to as a kiddo. It was pretty cute.

And an overall adventurous day with my family. Those are the best. :)

And now, some pictures for your enjoyment.

Wesley got a toy Giraffe :) We like Giraffes

Wesley, his toy Giraffe and the real guy :)

Us being nerds

the boys and some crazy goat friends trying to eat Nate's shirt. lol

Wesley liked these guys lol

The three of us :)

Wes and Nate on the big dinosaur

My little explorer

Zebra in yo' face

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