Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

:::warning::::This is a really random blog. Give up now if you are prone to headaches:::

So, you parents out there, how did you come up with names for your kiddos?
And you someday parents out there, do you have names picked out for your babies already?

See....growing up I liked two names.....and I'll tell you why:

Jane: One of my all-time favorite literary authors: Jane Austen. LOVE her. Her stories are addicting and seriously some of the most re-read books in my library. I love her.

Peter: I love J.M. Barrie and his Peter Pan tale.....AND Peter, the high king from Narnia.

There are others, but I won't go nuts listing them all. You'd probably go a little bonkers yourself.

If I couldn't have those (which I can't....they just sound too silly with our last name) I was (and is) determined to find a name from a story of some sort that I love. Well, being me, that's not hard. I have a giant list of names that I absolutely adore of characters from books and plays.

I am also not the type of preggo woman that cares what people's opinions are when I share said names. Some of your pregnant types (and this is totally fine for you, no judgement here, honest) prefer to keep it secret. I'm impossible at keeping secrets of that caliber. I know the world is forever obsessed with making their opinions known when it comes to...well, everything, but I do my best to laugh and take to heart the advice I need to hear, and the opinions that I don't.

Any of the March sisters names are beloved to me, particularly Josephine, of course. There are numerous characters from Shakespearean tales that I love, let alone characters from some of the classic novels that I adore. I haven't even submerged in the world of Jane Austen and all her beautiful characters (hello, Mr. Darcy, anyone?), or Avonlea and all it's whimsy. We mustn't forget the Bridge to Terebithia or the journey to Narnia, with all it's magic. Why not name a child after the tales that have warmed my soul and encouraged my dreams since the days of my youth? I have my little explorer in Wesley, what will we discover with this new addition to our adventuring family? Will we get a bridge-crosser? A dragon-fighter? Or a lighthouse keeper? Maybe we'll get an independent writer, a dreamer. So many characters that I've loved and cherished. So many stories that have inspired me and motivated me to fall even more in love with the Creator of imagination. The passion of the written word and it's characters within....why not?

I've thrown a couple names out at my parents and a few friends who care to listen, but nobody seems to have any opinion at all about the names I like so far. But, like with Wesley, I am running full speed through a million names with a million meanings, picking something as far from possible from the top 200 or so Most Popular names lists. That's pretty hard considering so many classical names are coming back into style and everyone wants a "special" name.

I'm also the type to not care about the whole "stealing" of names thing. I'm not deluded enough to think that there is only one Jade out there in the world. Sure, growing up, I only knew of Jade Williams, a girl I went to high school with, lol, and I haven't met one since.... hmm, i forget where I was going with that. haha...oh well. Oh, right. Name stealing. Sure if you have a great great grandmother's name on both sides that you want to use and your supposed best friend steals it right before your eyes, yea I'd be a little peeved. But there are names on my list that I've loved since childhood that are more popular than you'd think. I don't care if there is more than one "so and so". You talk to your friend who named their baby that name and just let them know....that's on my list, fyi. They're gonna be friends anyways. :)

Ok, that might be a little extreme. But, hopefully you see my point. Which is that their names were on God's heart before they were even in the womb! Wow! They are so loved already. Wow. But you know, that's a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day.

Wow, I am a terrible blogger. I chase so many circles, it's ridiculous.

Anyways, I keep going back to the same names, and I make a nice little list with the meanings of the names and email them to Nate. He usually doesn't respond and I have to ask him later what he thought of the list of that day. His response is that he can't really see the name until we know what the little tater is. Sure, sure. Whatever. I still pioneer forth through the sea of baby names, getting giddy when I read one of character and laughing when I read some of the more ridiculous suggestions.

I love names of meaning. Names that are creative, but not overly weird or spelled strangely (mostly for my benefit, because I would forget to spell it right). I'm a traditionalist in the sense that I feel a name ought to mean something or represent something of importance.

Obviously it's to early to fret, let alone THINK too much about naming this sweet little child. But it's fun to research and dream of what this baby's personality will be like. I just want a name that will go with Wesley. :) So I can't get something ultra organic name like Journey. Not that I would pick Journey, or like Nathan would LET me pick Journey, but you know what I mean.

So how did you come up with the names for your child(ren)?
If you were having our baby, what would you name it? And we're being positive here, kids. ;)

We already have a few petitioning for the role as namesake. :) You know who you are.


  1. I love your post. It makes me smile! We were SURE we were going to have a boy. We had our "little boys" name picked out around week 14! When we found out she was a girl.... we sat around with blank expressions on our faces for about a week. We went back and forth for about another week. After arguing and rolling our eyes in exasperation for another week at the suggestions our family was making! Finally something occurred to me that made my spirit stand still ( in a good way). Jeremiah 1:5 says that he knew us BEFORE we were formed in our mothers wombs. Which means He knew what my little girls name was already. He knew before the foundations of the earth were established. So I just sat still spiritually and stopped searching and pushing for the perfect name and asked Him to whisper it to my heart. About a week later Justin saw the name Harper on someones business card and said "what about Harper?". The moment he said it, my heart stood still and Jesus whispered to my heart... "that is her name". It settled in my spirit like a stone gently settling at the bottom of a quiet stream. It fit like a comfortable old, warm sweatshirt. Stop pressing, ask Jesus what your babies name is, the resume your search with the confidence that He will tell you!

  2. I LOVE that verse, and I hold it so close to my heart as we pray about what this child's name will be. :) It's an adventure, for sure.

    PS I love sweet Harper and her beautiful name. :)

  3. Jeremiah I liked since Middle School, I read a book named If You Come Softly, and I loooove that book. Remington was from Matt, but I liked that it was creative and not many people would have that name. I had always liked the name Zoe, cause its not like there are too many options for Z names, so I thought it was neat. And it means
    "life" and her middle name Isabella means Consecrated to God; sooo life consecrated to God, we liked it.
    I love the names Josephine and Jane, they sound so proper and beautiful. And Peter, all I picture is the Chronicles of Narnia :)

  4. Well... you probably know this both my boy girl choices are family names... my great grand father's name was Lura Lee McClain. So I threw it all together to make Luralie and Kate is after her grandmothers (Katie and Shirley Kathryn). Our first boy will be Daniel Jason. Daniel is Clay's middle name and Jason for my brother.

    I love your choices of names... characters/authors of books. Jane is a favorite... I want to use it if we have another girl but we already have a Jane in our family (Halie Jane). Jane is also may grandmother's name :)

    Oh and the new bedding for wes is adorable! And I loved your post about potty training :)

    I love narnia... I want Luralie's first birthday to be Narnian theme :)

    Oh and I love you my friend... and the little baby you are making... making a baby is hard work!

    (see I can be as random as you :)

    TTFN Ta Ta For Now!

  5. It might be weird, but Shayna and I have picked out a looooooong list of names to draw from, even though we're not even married yet. We just really love what you love about it- the meaning, the art of sound and future life.

    We have also had a basic motif we've followed: favor the meaning-ness over the name-ness. For example, if "Victoria" means 'victory', we'll just go with "Victory" instead. We like the sound and impact of it more. We're also calling dibs on "Justice", "Blessing", "Love", and a few others. I guess that's not so strange after all; it's keeping in line with the old aesthetic of "Temperance" and "Prudence"...

    But, of course, we also love the atmosphere of some of the old, timeless names: Isabelle, Elle, Claire, Emma, Penelope, Persephone, etc. We will most likely mix them in with the meaning-names.

    Oh, and Shayna's middle name, and her mother's and grandmother's, is Starr. So of course our first daughter will continue that tradition.