Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST: The End of an Era

Ok. You know how sentimental and sappy I am. Seriously, it's almost borderline crazy.
We had our LOST finale party on Sunday night, and let's just say that the finale was incredible. Seriously, seriously, incredible. I probably would have cried a lot more if it was just Nate and I watching it, but thankfully, we were surrounded by a fun group of people.

I know people complained about the ending. Not all our questions were answered. But really, for me, it's always been about the people. Not the island. And I loved those beautiful characters as much as I love my Elizabeth Bennet and my Vicky Austin. The ending was full of sweet nostalgic moments from the entire series, many questions were answered, and deep and desperate new questions surfaced. So for me, the end of the show was really like how I feel when I finish a really good book.....a little sad, a little empty, but completely full at the same time. I am always eager to go back and read my favorite parts. To dwell a little bit longer on the things that made me stop and think. To focus on the parts that made me ask bigger and deeper questions.

Obviously since this was a new episode (the very last...sniff, sniff) I couldn't just go back and re-watch my favorite parts. Nate and I aren't in the cool kids club when it comes to Tivo'ing things. We barely just got cable. Haha.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across this YouTube video of some of my favorite moments. And yes, I cried through this entire video.....blubbered is more like it. My whole face was wet with tears. Haha.

So here is the video. And yes there are like uh...MAJOR SPOILERS. Don't watch the video if you haven't seen the finale. Seriously. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT.

This video is over all really fun. But the grainy, antiqued filter kinda makes my eyes hurt.

Anyways. There you go.

LOST.....I am so going to buy the complete set in August. Just mark my words. You will be mine.

PS if you are reading this in Facebook, under my NOTES, for some reason, videos just don't carry across time and space to the land of Facebook from Blogspot. So come to my blog to see the video.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Flowers

Can you believe that May is almost over? Soon June will be upon us and the summer will just get hotter and hotter.

Jamie and I had a great time at Saturday night's wedding. I know I don't always post my "business" work here, but I just can't help it. This couple was amazingly calm and precious and we had a blast. :) Here are just a few of my favorite shots of the night.

P.S. Lost was insane! Wasn't it?? We had such a good time at our Finale party. I'm so sad it's over. But that is another post for another day. :)

Congrats Lacey & Ben.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello, My name is Random

Ok, so I'm a little hyper tonight. I was half asleep on the couch, and then I suddenly woke up with a burst of energy. Still waiting for the man to get home from "ballet". (It's really "Valet"...but gosh, it's so cute when you hear a little 2 year old voice say "Daddy? You going to ballet?")

I really don't have anything of concrete importance to write to you tonight. Really. Nada much.

Maybe, except, that I am really excited about the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow. Both families are so sweet and the bride and groom are just adorable. They all seem to be such a close knit group and I hope they experience a lovely time celebrating eachother! Remember the story about the cows? Well, their wedding is finally here. For the humans. Not the cows.

I baked some funfetti cookies tonight. Had to throw the dog out because I caught her with her paws on the counter trying desperately to reach the cooling rack. Bad Stormy!

My baby boy was completely exhausted tonight when I tucked him into his little explorer bed. He asked me to turn his moon on (his night light) and he just about fell asleep in mid sentence. Nate and I took him to see "How To Tame Your Dragon" today at the theater. He seemed to really enjoy it. We walked into the big theater and he said "wowww". So stinkin' cute. Let me tell ya. Then he had a great time playing at Nanny and Popi's house tonight. He loves those two crazy kids. I always have to carry him off over my shoulder, he never wants to leave their house.

I came up with another list of baby names. :) Are you all tired of me talking about Baby Dos? I still have 24 weeks to go. Almost to the halfway mark! Woo! Keep praying for good health for baby and me. I've got a few things I am going to talk to my OB about on Monday that I'm trying not to worry or whine about. I am such a fretter. I try so hard to let go of any worries, but they tend to pile up. So yea, pray for peace, and pray for good health! We want a healthy baby!

Which leads me back to the names.
I have already droned on and on about my affection for the name Marion. It is at the top of my "girl" names list.

Marion- yea yea, read this post to catch up on this minor obsession. Or here for the wiki historical version
Annabeth- Nathan's vote. :) Also from a book. Daughter of Athena...Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Wise Girl. etc., etc.
Lorien--a shortened version of Lothlórien, where the Elves dwell in Middle Earth. :) Nerdy? Maybe. Awesome? Yes! haha
As for the middle name. I really have been into the name "Rose" for a middle name. Roses are my favorite flower. They stand for so much and are recurrent in so many of the stories that I love. Did I tell you that Nathan planted a rose garden for me in our backyard for mothers day? I need to post some pictures of their beautiful buds.

Boy names!
Nathan and I have had a harder time with the boy names. Maybe that means we are having a boy! Here are my top three:

Malcolm- I just think it's a fun, strong name that goes with Wesley
Elessar- Also from Lord of the Rings. Nathan probably thinks this is too fancy of a name. He likes to stick to traditional names. :)
Riley- This is one of Nathan's picks. No particular reason except that Riley Payne sounds nice. :)
Oh, as for the middle names for the boys names...we haven't decided yet either on that. I like the name Adam, because he was one of my favorite characters from my favorite Madeleine L'Engle book.

You see, Nathan refuses to think too much on names until we know what baby is. But I tend to run in circles with my ideas so I have to think about this a little harder. :)

I really am not worried about all this. I just think it's a big responsibility and I don't want to take this too lightly. I know that the Lord will lead us to the right name. :) We just want a healthy baby!

Wesley still is saying he wants a baby brother. We'll see if he's right. He also wants to name baby "Ian" from the Olivia cartoon that he loves. That won't happen. Wesley's over indulgent grandparents ask "why can't Wesley name the baby? That's so cute". I just shake my head. That would be cute, wouldn't it? :) Not gonna happen.

Also, this week, my brother sent us a package in the mail. My birthday is next week, and he sent it a little early, with a few fun things in there for his nephew. We had a great time opening the box and seeing all the goodies inside. Brandon bought me the magic mouse for my computer, which is awesome, because my old mouse was pretty messed up. I am in LOVE with this mouse. It is so smooth and it scrolls up and down and all around...thanks bro!

Well, I am officially getting blurry eyed. Ready for bed and for a busy day tomorrow.

And don't forget you LOST fans out there! LOST series FINALE party at our house, Sunday night! Call or text or facebook for details! Bring a snack to share!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nursery Room Ideas

I adore baby rooms.

I took great thought into planning my little explorer's room. It began as an "Around the World in 80 Days" theme and has blossomed into one of the most adventurous rooms in the house. While it has changed quite a bit from the sweet little nursery that it started out as, it has become a room fit for an imaginative little boy with lots of energy and lots of fun. I will have to post some before, after, and now pictures of our little explorer room...

But for now, I will bore you with my ideas for the new baby room!

If little Bebé Dos is a BOY: His room will be a space theme. I will probably paint most of the stuff myself, like I did with Wessers room, but the things like the constellation Rug & the pillow and the giant Star Constellation map will probably be bought. I found these tin signs from the Land of Nod and love the vintage look. My uncle also works for NASA, so I would like to get some NASA memorabilia for the walls. Definitely the theme of choice if little Dos is a boy. :) Oh, and no clouds on the ceiling for this theme. Just stars.

If little Bebé Dos is a GIRL: Her room will be a storybook theme. I have a few special books that I would like to put into shadow boxes for her wall, along with a special doll or two from my childhood. As for the art, I would mimic this whimsical style and incorporate illustrations from some of my favorite childhood stories. You know how I love those fairy stories..I also would sew or look around for a patchwork rose garden style bedding. I found this bedding from Land of Nod as well, but I know I can sew or find something cheaper. If not, I'll probably buy this bedding. Oh, and her room will have cotton candy clouds painted on the ceiling.

Well, there you have it, friends. My ideas for the baby room. Since we've been having so many discussions as to what little Dos is, I thought you all (especially you who've been inquiring) would enjoy a look into my head.

Today my sweet Heather finds out what she is having and I can't wait to find out if I am buying little Uno pink overalls or blue overalls :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

There and Back Again

When I had a newborn child in Wesley, I was visiting some friends at Zephyr, my beloved place of refuge, when I sat and had a conversation with my then pregnant friend Libby. She's a smart lady everyone, with a smokin smile, and getting to visit with her is always rich with insight and good community. It's just who she is. I am quite blessed by the women that have been placed in my life with outstanding hearts and joyful countenances. All of them with 3+ kids who teach me so much about mothering and "rearing" and all the goodies that go with being a mother chasing after God's heart. Ha! And most of them are out near or at Zephyr....maybe we should follow by example and head out to the country. I'd like a horse....a white one, with a white mane...but I digress.

Anyways, this one day while I was sitting with Libby holding my newborn son and she was pregnant with her first son, but her third child, and we were discussing the impact of our children. She was explaining to me her life with girls, but now that a little man was about to enter the picture, she could see the gravity and the power behind that. That rearing independent, gentle, imaginitive, Jesus-loving, little girls is an amazing experience, but being pregnant with her son made her even more sensitive to the fact that she is going to rear a great man. Now, traditionally, men do the leading, etc. etc., and I see in our world, not just our society, but even in our churches, women are standing up and being electric in their leadership and it's incredible to witness. But at that time, I was holding my baby boy, just thinking about the kind of man he would be. What will my part in his skills as a leader be. What can I do to raise and encourage this baby boy into the man who leads well, loves passionately, champions forth through troubled times and lives victoriously?

It was a pretty incredible thought at the time.
Well. It still is.

As we expect baby number 2, I can't help but feel that same awe. We don't know the sex of this baby yet, though people have already begun to make wild assumptions. My mom and Wesley and my in-laws have voted boy already. :) It will be quite exciting to see if I am going to have two little great men on my hands (plus my husband who is already a great man) or if I am going to have a great woman on my hands. It will be so exciting to meet this little baby in the fall, I can hardly contain my excitement and joy over the fact that we are going to have a new little love living under our roof by Thanksgiving! Oh happiness!

You see, last night we saw Robin Hood in the theater with Jena & Jamie, then we proceeded over to IHOP to discuss said movie...and a little bit of LOST too :) but it was so fun hanging out. We had a great time. But at the time of the movie, I was enthralled with the passion that I saw in both Marion and Robin Longstride. Not the romantic passion, though who doesn't love to see a man stare at a woman with his eyes filled to the brim with love. It's an awesome thing. But, really, what I was enraptured by was the nobility in both the hero and the heroine and the victory they held even through the direst of circumstances. Jamie remarked at the beginning that she didn't find Cate Blanchet to be very attractive, but by the end of the night, she was just as mesmerized by her beauty and fire as I was. Her bravery, her commitment, and her desire to provide and protect for the people of her land was so exhilarating.

And Robin's commitment to men weaker than himself, to fight for the good of the country, and to protect the people of Marion's estate....that was pretty impressive.

And it got me to thinking about how we as a family can live courageously. How can we battle forth for the people in our lives and the people we have yet to meet. How can Nate and I raise children with epic hearts like those heroes and heroines of the stories and legends that I love so well. What about the real men and women who live their life passionately pursuing freedom and prosperity for the people and not for their own personal gain or merit.

And interestingly enough, this morning in church John's message was straight to my heart.
And as I saw John pray over his own children during our time of reflection and prayer, I felt confirmed in my heart that I have been right and that this journey of parenthood doesn't stop with graduation from high school or college. It is a life journey that I am excited to be a part of. And whether the Lord gives me 5 sons or Wesley and a herd of daughters, I pray that we can rear these children into passionate, truth pursuing people who desire to stand for victory and faith. I don't expect perfection from my family. But I expect passion. To love eachother. To love our community. And to love the God who created us to love Him.

And seriously. If this baby turns out to be a girl....her name is totally going to be Marion. :)

Everyone knows that I love me a good tale full of epic battles and passionate love. Time for us to live passionately, folks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight, as I was putting little buddy to sleep, cuddling him, and praying and singing, I began to think of the things in my head and my heart that I wanted to pray for. The people, the circumstances, the own selfishness (i don't really need to expand on that, do i? wink wink).

Well, as my mind filled with all these things, and the gentle breathing of my toddler told me he had finally fallen asleep, I began to pray in the language of mush.
"blubbbb blub forgot what I was praying for, Lord....let me start over..."

Yea. Ever happen to you? You have all these things swirling around in your life, and yet you can't put to words exactly how you are feeling or what exactly you need to pray for and give up and lift up and hand off (you get my drift).

Well. Tonight, as I watched my little sweetie sleeping so deeply (he had a super fun night with Candace VanWink and her main squeeze Jody P.) I realized that I was so thankful to have faith in a God who would understand the mush in my heart and know my prayers even when I can't form them into intelligible words or thoughts.

Seriously, I don't even know if this is making sense's been a crazy long day. I guess that means I should get in bed.

Goodnight moon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At the beach

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.”

--Isak Dinesen

A few weekends ago Wesley and I went out to the beach with Tawny, Kya and Jamie. It was a spectacularly crowded weekend, but we still had quite the time. It happened to be the very first beach trip of the season, and while I hope we can make a better habit of it this summer, I still prefer fresh water to salt water any day.

When Nathan and I are being silly, and we joke around discussing what we would do with all that money should we ever win the lottery (and no, we don't ever play...this is merely for jokes) we always say that we would buy land on the Frio River and build a cabin of sorts on it for our families to enjoy. A big tri-level house stocked with family rooms and game rooms and a big open kitchen where we can all gather. It is such a nice thought, that sometimes I almost want to go out and buy a lottery ticket in hopes of winning. Ha! But then we might end up like Hurley and punching in a bunch of crazy numbers into a computer so that the world doesn't implode.

P.S. LOST is on tonight, but we are going to have to Hulu it tomorrow because the sweetie pie husband is working and I would feel so guilty if I watch it by myself. :)

Oh and also, i've never been one to want to make homemade ice cream, but these pictures make my mouth water and I keep going back and looking at it, wondering if I could possibly make this.

I guess we'll see. :)
This is definitely the summer for some sweet treats! This preggo gal just wants to lay by the pool eating popsicles and ice cream sandwiches all day. :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today is my best friend Jamie's birthday! She is an angel and if you don't know her, you should because to know Jamie is to love her.

You can see my birthday post about her last year here.

For now I leave you with my favorite latest picture of Jamie taken on Easter in my windblown backyard. :)

Happy Birthday my sweet friend!