Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello, My name is Random

Ok, so I'm a little hyper tonight. I was half asleep on the couch, and then I suddenly woke up with a burst of energy. Still waiting for the man to get home from "ballet". (It's really "Valet"...but gosh, it's so cute when you hear a little 2 year old voice say "Daddy? You going to ballet?")

I really don't have anything of concrete importance to write to you tonight. Really. Nada much.

Maybe, except, that I am really excited about the wedding I'm shooting tomorrow. Both families are so sweet and the bride and groom are just adorable. They all seem to be such a close knit group and I hope they experience a lovely time celebrating eachother! Remember the story about the cows? Well, their wedding is finally here. For the humans. Not the cows.

I baked some funfetti cookies tonight. Had to throw the dog out because I caught her with her paws on the counter trying desperately to reach the cooling rack. Bad Stormy!

My baby boy was completely exhausted tonight when I tucked him into his little explorer bed. He asked me to turn his moon on (his night light) and he just about fell asleep in mid sentence. Nate and I took him to see "How To Tame Your Dragon" today at the theater. He seemed to really enjoy it. We walked into the big theater and he said "wowww". So stinkin' cute. Let me tell ya. Then he had a great time playing at Nanny and Popi's house tonight. He loves those two crazy kids. I always have to carry him off over my shoulder, he never wants to leave their house.

I came up with another list of baby names. :) Are you all tired of me talking about Baby Dos? I still have 24 weeks to go. Almost to the halfway mark! Woo! Keep praying for good health for baby and me. I've got a few things I am going to talk to my OB about on Monday that I'm trying not to worry or whine about. I am such a fretter. I try so hard to let go of any worries, but they tend to pile up. So yea, pray for peace, and pray for good health! We want a healthy baby!

Which leads me back to the names.
I have already droned on and on about my affection for the name Marion. It is at the top of my "girl" names list.

Marion- yea yea, read this post to catch up on this minor obsession. Or here for the wiki historical version
Annabeth- Nathan's vote. :) Also from a book. Daughter of Athena...Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Wise Girl. etc., etc.
Lorien--a shortened version of Lothlórien, where the Elves dwell in Middle Earth. :) Nerdy? Maybe. Awesome? Yes! haha
As for the middle name. I really have been into the name "Rose" for a middle name. Roses are my favorite flower. They stand for so much and are recurrent in so many of the stories that I love. Did I tell you that Nathan planted a rose garden for me in our backyard for mothers day? I need to post some pictures of their beautiful buds.

Boy names!
Nathan and I have had a harder time with the boy names. Maybe that means we are having a boy! Here are my top three:

Malcolm- I just think it's a fun, strong name that goes with Wesley
Elessar- Also from Lord of the Rings. Nathan probably thinks this is too fancy of a name. He likes to stick to traditional names. :)
Riley- This is one of Nathan's picks. No particular reason except that Riley Payne sounds nice. :)
Oh, as for the middle names for the boys names...we haven't decided yet either on that. I like the name Adam, because he was one of my favorite characters from my favorite Madeleine L'Engle book.

You see, Nathan refuses to think too much on names until we know what baby is. But I tend to run in circles with my ideas so I have to think about this a little harder. :)

I really am not worried about all this. I just think it's a big responsibility and I don't want to take this too lightly. I know that the Lord will lead us to the right name. :) We just want a healthy baby!

Wesley still is saying he wants a baby brother. We'll see if he's right. He also wants to name baby "Ian" from the Olivia cartoon that he loves. That won't happen. Wesley's over indulgent grandparents ask "why can't Wesley name the baby? That's so cute". I just shake my head. That would be cute, wouldn't it? :) Not gonna happen.

Also, this week, my brother sent us a package in the mail. My birthday is next week, and he sent it a little early, with a few fun things in there for his nephew. We had a great time opening the box and seeing all the goodies inside. Brandon bought me the magic mouse for my computer, which is awesome, because my old mouse was pretty messed up. I am in LOVE with this mouse. It is so smooth and it scrolls up and down and all around...thanks bro!

Well, I am officially getting blurry eyed. Ready for bed and for a busy day tomorrow.

And don't forget you LOST fans out there! LOST series FINALE party at our house, Sunday night! Call or text or facebook for details! Bring a snack to share!


  1. Oh Jade, I LOVE how enamored you are by your children :) That is how it should be!! I was the same way with baby names. I began looking at them as soon as I knew I was pregnant and Gabe would not really discuss them until the last few weeks. I also laughed at Wesley naming the baby...when I told C we were pregnant with #3, he said "YES!! I will finally have a brother and his name will be Ben" Gabe and I said there is no way he will name our baby...and what is his name :) Love and miss you friend!!

  2. I can't believe you are already to the half way mark! (or almost anyway...) How exciting! I love love names so much. I used to always spend large amounts of time making up names for the characters in my fictional stories when I was a little girl:)

    Also, I think it is so sweet that you are naming your girl's middle name after me...haha. Dixie actually picked 'Rose' for me have I told you that? I was 'Abby Jane' until we got to the hospital and Dixie (five years old) said she didn't like Jane. My mom asked her what she liked and she said 'Rose' because I was pink. Too cute huh? I told my parents, YOU LET A FIVE YEAR OLD NAME ME? I could have been named 'Abigail Rainbow-Brite'. Thank goodness that didn't happen:)))

    Whatever you name your new little it will be adorable and wonderful just like it's little family! :)

  3. Let the record show that the only name Nathan likes on this list really and truly is Annabeth. Haha. He read this post and was like "jade, what are you smokin'? These names are cracked". hahaha

    I still prefer Marion for a girl
    Trying to be creative with a boy.

    Lisa, you're so fun! Ben is a great name. I love it.
    Abby, i love your family. :) And yes, I think of you when I think of "Rose". It's an awesome name. Plus, hello, it's so big in all my favorite fairy tales.
    I mean, I would name my kid "Story" if I could...but Nate is just not that brave.