Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST: The End of an Era

Ok. You know how sentimental and sappy I am. Seriously, it's almost borderline crazy.
We had our LOST finale party on Sunday night, and let's just say that the finale was incredible. Seriously, seriously, incredible. I probably would have cried a lot more if it was just Nate and I watching it, but thankfully, we were surrounded by a fun group of people.

I know people complained about the ending. Not all our questions were answered. But really, for me, it's always been about the people. Not the island. And I loved those beautiful characters as much as I love my Elizabeth Bennet and my Vicky Austin. The ending was full of sweet nostalgic moments from the entire series, many questions were answered, and deep and desperate new questions surfaced. So for me, the end of the show was really like how I feel when I finish a really good book.....a little sad, a little empty, but completely full at the same time. I am always eager to go back and read my favorite parts. To dwell a little bit longer on the things that made me stop and think. To focus on the parts that made me ask bigger and deeper questions.

Obviously since this was a new episode (the very last...sniff, sniff) I couldn't just go back and re-watch my favorite parts. Nate and I aren't in the cool kids club when it comes to Tivo'ing things. We barely just got cable. Haha.

So you can imagine my delight when I came across this YouTube video of some of my favorite moments. And yes, I cried through this entire video.....blubbered is more like it. My whole face was wet with tears. Haha.

So here is the video. And yes there are like uh...MAJOR SPOILERS. Don't watch the video if you haven't seen the finale. Seriously. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT.

This video is over all really fun. But the grainy, antiqued filter kinda makes my eyes hurt.

Anyways. There you go.

LOST.....I am so going to buy the complete set in August. Just mark my words. You will be mine.

PS if you are reading this in Facebook, under my NOTES, for some reason, videos just don't carry across time and space to the land of Facebook from Blogspot. So come to my blog to see the video.



  1. Try - you'll find the episodes there ;)

  2. Yea, I'm just too lazy to watch them on my computer. Haha. Excited to own the series in the fall. We have season one and two, but then they announced that it was going to be capped at 6, so we decided to stop buying them and get the big set with all the extra goodness. Woo!