Sunday, May 16, 2010

There and Back Again

When I had a newborn child in Wesley, I was visiting some friends at Zephyr, my beloved place of refuge, when I sat and had a conversation with my then pregnant friend Libby. She's a smart lady everyone, with a smokin smile, and getting to visit with her is always rich with insight and good community. It's just who she is. I am quite blessed by the women that have been placed in my life with outstanding hearts and joyful countenances. All of them with 3+ kids who teach me so much about mothering and "rearing" and all the goodies that go with being a mother chasing after God's heart. Ha! And most of them are out near or at Zephyr....maybe we should follow by example and head out to the country. I'd like a horse....a white one, with a white mane...but I digress.

Anyways, this one day while I was sitting with Libby holding my newborn son and she was pregnant with her first son, but her third child, and we were discussing the impact of our children. She was explaining to me her life with girls, but now that a little man was about to enter the picture, she could see the gravity and the power behind that. That rearing independent, gentle, imaginitive, Jesus-loving, little girls is an amazing experience, but being pregnant with her son made her even more sensitive to the fact that she is going to rear a great man. Now, traditionally, men do the leading, etc. etc., and I see in our world, not just our society, but even in our churches, women are standing up and being electric in their leadership and it's incredible to witness. But at that time, I was holding my baby boy, just thinking about the kind of man he would be. What will my part in his skills as a leader be. What can I do to raise and encourage this baby boy into the man who leads well, loves passionately, champions forth through troubled times and lives victoriously?

It was a pretty incredible thought at the time.
Well. It still is.

As we expect baby number 2, I can't help but feel that same awe. We don't know the sex of this baby yet, though people have already begun to make wild assumptions. My mom and Wesley and my in-laws have voted boy already. :) It will be quite exciting to see if I am going to have two little great men on my hands (plus my husband who is already a great man) or if I am going to have a great woman on my hands. It will be so exciting to meet this little baby in the fall, I can hardly contain my excitement and joy over the fact that we are going to have a new little love living under our roof by Thanksgiving! Oh happiness!

You see, last night we saw Robin Hood in the theater with Jena & Jamie, then we proceeded over to IHOP to discuss said movie...and a little bit of LOST too :) but it was so fun hanging out. We had a great time. But at the time of the movie, I was enthralled with the passion that I saw in both Marion and Robin Longstride. Not the romantic passion, though who doesn't love to see a man stare at a woman with his eyes filled to the brim with love. It's an awesome thing. But, really, what I was enraptured by was the nobility in both the hero and the heroine and the victory they held even through the direst of circumstances. Jamie remarked at the beginning that she didn't find Cate Blanchet to be very attractive, but by the end of the night, she was just as mesmerized by her beauty and fire as I was. Her bravery, her commitment, and her desire to provide and protect for the people of her land was so exhilarating.

And Robin's commitment to men weaker than himself, to fight for the good of the country, and to protect the people of Marion's estate....that was pretty impressive.

And it got me to thinking about how we as a family can live courageously. How can we battle forth for the people in our lives and the people we have yet to meet. How can Nate and I raise children with epic hearts like those heroes and heroines of the stories and legends that I love so well. What about the real men and women who live their life passionately pursuing freedom and prosperity for the people and not for their own personal gain or merit.

And interestingly enough, this morning in church John's message was straight to my heart.
And as I saw John pray over his own children during our time of reflection and prayer, I felt confirmed in my heart that I have been right and that this journey of parenthood doesn't stop with graduation from high school or college. It is a life journey that I am excited to be a part of. And whether the Lord gives me 5 sons or Wesley and a herd of daughters, I pray that we can rear these children into passionate, truth pursuing people who desire to stand for victory and faith. I don't expect perfection from my family. But I expect passion. To love eachother. To love our community. And to love the God who created us to love Him.

And seriously. If this baby turns out to be a girl....her name is totally going to be Marion. :)

Everyone knows that I love me a good tale full of epic battles and passionate love. Time for us to live passionately, folks.

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  1. You are precious Jadie. I can't wait to see that movie! And I think it would be AWESOME if you had five boys. Can you imagine??? Whoa. Hahaha...