Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What do YOU think Baby Dos is??

Okay, so I realize we have been MIA from the good ol blog for a few weeks now. I can NOT believe June is already halfway through....nearly over! Woops. I have some serious catching up to do on EVERYTHING, but am thankful for the experiences that we've been a part of in the past weeks that has lead to my slacking off.

The big reveal :) We are so pumped! We had a beautiful, wonderful, super fun Monday morning (bright and early so Nate could be there) Sonogram and Dr.'s check up. It was great. Saw little baby dos in the womb (on the "tv") and saw baby dancing around. It was wonderful to see. We keep asking Wesley is he's having a baby brother or a baby sister and he keeps saying "baby". When we press the issue further he constantly changes his mind. Haha....definitely my kid. Definitely.
So, as most of you know, we did NOT find out what we were having. Oh, the sono lady could tell, she just put the gender down inside a top secret envelope and we tucked the dvd and pictures away so that we wouldn't peek during our two day "wait" period. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are having our "REVEAL" party to share in the knowledge and excitement with some of our family and friends.

Right after the sono, me and Wes and my mom went to see this lady and give her the "top secret" envelope and instructed her to bake a plain cake with white icing on the outside and on the inside have a filling of either pink or blue icing, depending on the gender. :) I had to explain myself a few times for her to really get what I meant. Apparently I run in circles when I explain things. Woops. She finally caught my drift, and excitedly agreed that it was a really fun idea and she wants to see pictures of the "big reveal".

So tomorrow evening we will be sharing with the world what little baby dos is. I am so excited! If it's a boy, I'm completely excited to pull out all of Wesleys little baby things and start planning his space room and preparing for another little ant catcher.
If it's a girl, I am completely excited to begin a new adventure and get girly things and paint tulips around the bottom of her room.

Little Dos @ 20 weeks, 4 days gestation

It's going to be wonderful. The best news of all is that the baby is healthy, growing well, moving a lot (and i mean a LOT) and is beautiful. I am continuing to pray for a healthy pregnancy (halfway there), a healthy delivery and a healthy, healthy baby.

So what do you think Baby Dos is??? So far, I've gotten about a half dozen for BOY and about 2 for GIRL :) Nathan keeps saying "It's gotta be one or the other" hahaha


  1. GIRL! I don't know why I think this...a boy would be real cute. I'm just dying to buy some little dresses and headbands...haha:)

  2. I could so see you with lots of boys...but I want you to have a girl because they are so much fun. So, I hope it's a girl! :)

  3. I love your idea with the cake! Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to here if the baby is a boy or girl.