Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Verona

A conversation between Nathan, Jamie, and myself that we had tonight as we scampered to the dollar theater to catch Letters to Juliet and give me a break from the cave that I've been hiding in for two days. (sort of hiding out, I did happen to buy a purse today. I heart Fossil!)

Jade: This movie is going to make me want to run away to Italy.
Jamie: This movie is going to make me want to quit my job and move to Italy to find me an Italian man.
Nathan: This movie is going to make me want to go out to my mom's land in Bethel and ride a minature horse and grow my hair out long.

Now, really, this is probably not even funny to you, you who are reading this so patiently, but we had ourselves a good laugh. And the movie is ridiculously cheesy and sappy and mushy, but we had fun.

And as a bonus, Nate bought me a taco afterwards :)

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  1. I did laugh out loud when I read your little quip. Awesome. I saw the movie twice. I didn't think about running away to Italy, but I did think about manly English accents :)