Monday, July 26, 2010

Every Day I...

...will praise.

Written by Shane Barnard.
Psalm 145....a Psalm of praise.

great is the Lord, so worthy of praise
great is the Lord

one generation will
commend Your kingdom
to one another
they will speak of You
and i will meditate
on Your wonder
and they, they will speak
of Your glorious splendor
of Your majesty
everyday i'll praise thee
forever and ever

everyday i will praise
for You open Your hand
and satisfy desires of all things
my God the King

the Lord is gracious
and slow to anger
He is rich in love
He is good to all

all who call on Him
in truth He is near to
and He hears their cry
and saves them

*this is an older video of the guys, but it is still a mighty picture of praise.

Whenever I listen to the Psalms, I can't help but sigh in full contentment. It brings on this firey, passionate joy in my heart.

What do the words do for your own heart??


  1. Makes me so incredibly humbled by how good and wonderful our God is and how worthy He is of all praise!

  2. I used to watch all of their videos on a arbitrary website set up by a friend/fan of theirs back in 2001. I have been the longest fan of shane and Shane before they were shane and shnae infact. I listened to Barnard when he was with Caleb carruth and they published salvation still remains. Yesterday I found corrie and i's old cds and found my independent copy of psalms and then my version when they signed with inpop records. I wont lie, I'm kind of a fanboy.

  3. John! I've been the same way. My good buddy introduced me to Shane Barnard before the Shanes became the Shanes. I have every record of his, including those old independent albums. I love listening to the old stuff. I remember one summer, they came to Zephyr before they were really big and touring and I just made it to every single worship service that I could make it to. It was the most amazing week of camp. I love their hearts. LOVE them.