Thursday, July 22, 2010

You are a TOY!

This pregnancy has made me so much more sentimental than I ever thought I was capable of being. So many little things that Wesley does just makes me want to cry. He is growing so fast, and his sweetness sometimes just amazes me. Of course, his natural, human, two year old instincts tend to rule HIS own emotions, but overall, he is an extraordinarily fun kid and we love to go on our marvelous adventures. He loves to "camp out" and "hide" with lots of blankets and a flashlight and he is stretching out to be such a tall kiddo. :) I'm excited to meet the little brother in just about 15 weeks. To see his personality, his face, his hands and his feet. Those first days are so precious and sweet, and I am excited to experience it all over again. Children are such a gift....and it pains me to think about all the children in the world who need a home, a forever family.

I got to ichat last night with my friend Charity and her precious little newborn, Olivia. :) (And Ricky too hehe) and I forget how tiny those newborns are. They are so precious and perfect and Olivia was perfect all swaddled in her moses basket...sweet little papoose. I think she is amazing already and can't wait until I get to hold her in November when they come for a visit. (Though she will be so changed when Thanksgiving rolls around hehe) But at that time we will have OUR precious little (sort of little since I apparently birth big babies lol) newborn and it is going to be so wonderful! I can't wait to hold little brother this's going to be spectacular! (I'm already tired, so I'm not even going to worry about the sleepy eyes I will be having constantly. hehe)

Anyways, one of my most favorite things in the world is to look at, to buy, and to play with Toys. I always walk through the Toy section at Target or HEB when I'm there and any chance that I can get to walk through Toys R Us, I am ALL OVER that because I have such a fondness for toys.

It seems my son has adopted that same preference....we have incredible adventures in his room, on my bedroom floor, under a homemade tent, or on the kitchen floor with his "guys". He carrys them (his favorite toys that he calls his "guys") everywhere with him and we tuck them in for naptime and bedtime and he tries to feed them his snack (what a good sharer). hehe.

Obviously with the Toy Story 3 pandemic going on, Wesley jumped right on that bandwagon, and quotes the first and second movie left and right. Yesterday, I caught Wesley laying on his stomach having a staring contest with our dog, Stormy, and yelling at her "YOU ARE A TOY!". It was on of those little moments that you just can't help but feel so blessed for having the gift of imagination. It's no secret that I tend to lose myself in the daydream world (My dad used to call me, Nichol, the Dreamer) and I always doodle imaginary castles in the sky and make up stories in my head.

I love seeing that in Wesley. He is a kid with a pretty big heart, but his imagination is one of my most favorite things about him. It's a wonderful, freeing, joyous thing to see your child sit on the floor with some ordinary toys and create a wonderland of fun for you to partake in.

The wonderful thing is that I married a man who has a great imagination to fit in with our zany days. It's so wonderful to have family playdates together. They don't happen nearly enough because we seem to consistently have things pile up, but I've made it a goal to make those sweet days happen more often.

Family playdates are just good for the soul. Especially when Buzz and Woody are involved.

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