Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

Things around here have been a little hectic and slightly overwhelming. My sweet husband is sick and whenever that (rarely) happens, it throws our house into this uncomfortable tilt. It's just not the same with him feeling the blues. Makes this mama very unhappy. Pray for him, as he is almost done with this new degree of his and we will have more time with him home, more play time, more planning for Spencer time (i.e., putting down the new floors), more rest (hopefully) and just more goodness of seeing eachother. I have missed him so much this summer (the busiest of our marriage) and I am so thankful that he is just 2 finals away from being DONE! (until he starts his Masters that is)

So on that note, I am going to just take a minute to list the things that I am so very thankful for at this moment. In times of frustration or anxiety, looking around you and seeing the amazing things that surround you is always one of the best remedies for feeling sorry for yourself.

Jade is thankful for:
  • painting with Wesley
  • kaloches. Man, those things rock. :)
  • bubble baths
  • playing Scrabble with Nathan
  • our family library
  • SPENCER having a name, a name that I love!
  • hearing Wesley say "My baby brother's name is Spencer Lewis!"
  • watching movies at home with Nathan
  • Stormy girl, our border collie. She makes me crazy, but I love her!
  • how healthy and wonderful this pregnancy has been, morning sickness and all
  • having a home to raise my boys in
  • watching Nathan and Wesley argue over Angry Birds on the ipod. (really, it's pretty funny)
  • ordering things off Etsy for Spencer's nursery
  • painting "Spencer's Solar System" to match "Wesley's World" painting (pics to come)
  • you, my friend, who love me through all the crazy, wonderful, whimsical moments that my little family experiences.
Okay, time to give the munchkin number uno a bath, and tuck the husby into bed.
Happy Thankful Tuesday, world. You're beautiful!

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