Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

So I got me some glasses. Woo.
For a few months (years?) I have been squinting when I read things on the computer.
When I edit pictures.
When I read my beloved books.
Full on squinting.

Then I started to see shoots of light across my vision.
And I freaked out.
To put it mildly. haha.
Full on panic.

So I went to the optometrist last week and she gave me a full bill of health....except for my need of reading glasses. She gave me some "helpful tips" on how to keep my eyes from being so tired. And she told me to quit worrying. Anxiety and fatigue can create unnecessary (duh) stress and affect the vision. And since I'm pregnant (27 weeks on Thursday!) along with everything else, my vision is straining to keep up with the making of a human being.

So yea, I got my glasses last night and have been using them diligently all day while I read or do anything that involves my intense focus....and what do you eyes don't feel as strained. The letters are clearer and I don't have to up the magnification on my screen :) Woo!

Wesley and I had a little lunch date at his table today and we took turns taking pictures of eachother. I can NOT wait to start teaching him how to use and understand a camera. He already points and shoots amazingly well for a two year old. It's awesome. He just isn't such a big fan of being the one in front of the lens. He'd prefer to take the picture. Hmm... Sounds familiar.

Anyways, more updates to come. Just passing though. So much to do, so much to do! I feel like the white rabbit who is late for a very important date.

I better go find my rabbit hole!


  1. I had the same problem with the white specks in my vision shortly before I found out I needed glasses. I didn't wear them for a couple years though because I was in so much denial over the whole thing. Glasses can be such a pain after you go without them your whole life.

  2. I now hand the camera to my kids and they are amazingly good with it too! It's a blast to be able to teach Alaina now.