Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Rain

Ahh, two days of some serious interior productivity. This rain is making me go a little crazy, but the nesting is helpful in terms of organization. :)

I wish I had taken a snapshot of the radar YESTERDAY. It was truly remarkable to behold.

Yesterday we accomplished:
  • Nate saw a football game on tv (which he never gets to do)
  • Wesley got to wear his rain boots.
  • Nate cleaned out the garage so we can park our car back in it again. (By clean, I mean re-organize)
  • Jade painted Spencer's painting for his room
  • Wesley painted Nanny and Poppy a painting
  • Jade organized some baby things for Dos
  • Jade did laundry.....haha yea right
  • Jade helped Wesley rebuild his train track
  • Nate pulled out the bassinet from the attic (and a few other wee one things)
  • Jade baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Jade, Nate, and Wesley stared out at the crazy rain.
  • Stormy was ignored. (I'm taking any hormones that are fighting me out on her)
  • Stormy was played with. (Wesley really loves his dog)
  • Jade went through two bins that were in the attic of her childhood toys/stuffed animals.
  • Jade got rid of a lot of those things that were in those bins. *sniff
  • Jade, Nate, and Wesley stared out at the crazy rain (again)
  • Nate and Jade got to hang out with the Novs for dinner and some HEB Plus fun
  • Jade had some serious heartburn. (Curse you Five Guys)
  • Jade was in bed before Nathan. (rare)

All this happened AFTER church. :)

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  1. Woohoo! Yay for productivity! P.S. Baby Dos will be here SOON! Can't wait to have an itty bitty one to babysit:)