Thursday, September 09, 2010

Making Art for Spencer

When Wesley was about 8 months in the womb, I began to work on a painting for his Travel room, just for him called "Wesley's World". It is a whimsical map of the world with animals and boats and a few things here and there on it. Everyday when we play in his room or clean it, he points to it and says "I like your picture mommy......Oh no! It's missing the dinosaurs" It's a pretty hilarious little ritual of his and every time he says that I respond with "Ok, kid, I'll paint you some dinosaurs".

Well, we've begun work on the solar system painting for the baby room, which, you guessed it, will be "Spencer's Sky". I am really pumped about this painting, because if the boys should ever share a room, they will have their own paintings above their beds. :) That makes me really happy. I also plan on adding a few dinosaurs to Wesley's World. :)

I love his imagination!

It is really hot in the garage where we've been painting. I'm about to move us inside, because I just can't take the heat anymore.

Here is our set up :) Spencer's Sky is on the right....obviously

Wesley really loves art! He gets very frustrated when he doesn't get it right....I wonder where he gets that from. Hmm...

Can you tell how sweaty we are? It has been a seriously hot summer.

Painting with Wesley is one of my favorite things ever. I wonder if Spencer will enjoy art as much as we do, or if he is going to be a science bug like his dad. Wesley, so far, has a great affection for exploring and looking at bugs and dirt and things of that sort, but don't ever try to make him touch a bug. He just won't do it.

I am so excited to meet Spencer in just 8 weeks (plus or minus). I am just praying for good health for us both and a joyful experience full of peace! We are hoping to take some family pictures soon, so I will post some belly pics in the next couple posts or so :)

PS, thanks for all the encouragement and feedback I received from the last post. That was a pretty rough day, combined with a growing two year old who is stretching his wings a bit, I've been pretty tired and extremely sentimental :) Thankfully the Lord has surrounded me with lots of love and affection from family and friends near and far. That's what community and authenticity is all about! You are all dearly cherished in my heart. Besos!


  1. I love it Jade. He's like a mini-jade...hopefully there will be a mini-nathan in a few months...wouldn't that be grand?!

  2. Thanks Becky :) It will definitely be fun to discover Spencer's personality as it develops. Babies are so amazing.

  3. I love how creative you are with your boys rooms. Its something that they will cherish about you always... and I think its lovely :)