Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 33 Update

Hey friends, are you guys interested in an update on Spencer, at 33 weeks gestation? I would post a picture, but he was NOT a cooperative boy this morning at our sono, so the images we got of him are basically little fuzzy gray clouds :) He had his hands over his face AND he is sideways in my belly.

So as you remember, last week I had that awful appointment and whined a moaned that I missed my doctor's tender lovin' and her good spirits. The doc that I saw was a little negative, not very gentle (in manner) and was a little offensive in the way he spoke to me.

Well this morning after our sonogram (which Wesley was awesome and so sweet saying things like "I love Spencer" when we saw the baby on the tv) we went up to Dr. N's office and waited patiently for a good 45 minutes to see her. Not an easy feat with a two year old, but Wesley did great (again). I was so pleased at seeing his manners and his sweet smile to the other waiting patients. The sonographer had already mentioned that the baby was measuring big, his head especially, and his weight being around the 5lb mark. (Average babies at 33 weeks are 4 lbs). His length is already pretty impressive, but it's really his head that Dr. N was gushing about.

No suprise for Nate and I though. Wesley measured 10.2 lbs and 22.5 inches long and his head was about 14 or 15 around. Haha...yea, exactly.

So while I have been pushing (in my head) for a VBAC delivery, I am quite certain we will end up having a scheduled C-Section again. Which is fine by me. I really want Dr. N to deliver Spencer. I told her so and she said in three weeks, we will have another sono and then schedule me out from there.

If I go into labor early on my own, great. If not, a schedulin' we will be doin. :)

PS--These images are of Wesley when he was a newborn. The first one is the very first picture we took of him home in his crib. I love it so! The second one is right after he was born. With his sleepy little face. So sweet.

I went looking through pictures of Wesley and am so interested to see how different Spencer and Wesley are going to look. Or if I think they will look similar.

You moms of multiples, how were your babies when they were born? Did you think they looked alike? Or did you think they were all extremely different??


  1. I can't wait!! My first two looked alike at birth and my second two looked alike... Kind of crazy. I remember when B was born we looked and him and thought," whose kid is this?" of course, everyone tells us they all look alike and all like their dad :)

  2. Haha that's so funny :) Yea, everyone says that too about Wes :) And I'm sure they will say the same thing about Spencer.