Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Honda

So last weekend we bought a new to us Honda! It's an '06 Pilot and I love love love it.

Right now, driving is not my favorite thing because, well, imagine sitting in the drivers seat with a basketball taped to your's really not the most comfortable thing in the world. But I LOVE driving it and being driven around in it.

Wesley and I have this sort of habit of picking Nathan up from work at lunch time and driving down to the t-heads, or a park, or some place downtown on Ocean drive. We sit and park and eat lunch, sometimes I pack a picnic lunch or we just pick something up, and we roll the windows down and enjoy the sunshine and the view. Our town really does have some spectacularly lovely views, especially on a clear Autumn day. Sometimes we glimpse the dolphins in the bay, or we get attacked by those darn gulls whenever Wesley throws an unwanted piece of his lunch out the window.

It's a wonderful little tradition of ours that I hope we won't have to postpone for too long after Spencer is born. It started out just me and Nate having these lunches (can you say, submarine races?? jk...haha) Then along came Wesley. And he loves picking up daddy from work. And now Spencer will be here in just two short weeks and I hope that we can continue the tradition soon after his arrival. We had our lunch yesterday for the first time in the new vehicle and it was SO much more comfortable and roomy :) Wooo!

So there you go.
Our new vehicle.
We love it.
And we also heard that once you go Honda,
you never go back....

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