Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why hello there.

So week 36 has officially come to us. Not much longer now. We are loving this fabulous, spectacular, completely wonderful sunshine and cooler (livable) weather. I am anxious for some fun winter weather to hit our home and to be cozy and comfy with my family watching movies and drinking apple cider. October is usually one of my most favorite months of the year. The change in the seasons, the spectacular color that canvases the world. I love the reds and golds and the greens that we see all over. Pumpkins are ridiculously adorable and they look so darn cute on ANY porch. :) Even my unswept, spider webbed porch. Hmm...I should leave those webs up for those tricker treaters that will come our way at the end of the month.

Speaking of the "End of October" (a VERY good David Crowder track, by the way), my little family had our week 36 check up this morning. We had another sonogram to keep an eye on Spencer's size, and he looks great! Exactly as I knew he would be: BIG. But healthy. And well proportioned. And healthy! Dr. N is just a little awe-struck by the size of Spencer, she came straight into the room and said "WOW (many exlamation points following) you are carrying one large child). He is measuring at full term ALREADY at only 36 weeks. She says if I go into labor on my own, the good news is, I can try for a VBAC, but because of my history of NOT going into labor (at 41 weeks, Wesley wasn't going anywhere) she is truly skeptical of that.

So. We scheduled our C-Section. On the date that I knew it would be scheduled, pretty much from the beginning, when I first found out I was pregnant and due sometime at the end of October or the beginning of November. It was this silent intuition that always hovered in the back of my mind and heart.
I never said it out loud because in my heart, I didn't want to WILL it to be true, but I wanted to trust the Lord's perfect timing for Spencer's arrival. And still, even so, nothing is certain until it actually happens. I could go into labor tonight and all this could be moot.

So, for now, October 28th is our set date to deliver.

Many will never fully understand the full meaning that Spencer's birthday will hold for me, because not very many people KNEW Joe Houston.
But I knew Joe.
And I loved him.
And I am delighted in my heart to have another way to remember and honor his life by.

Only three weeks to go! We are so overjoyed, and excited, and nervous to experience all the changes that are going to come our way. Please continue to pray for good health for both Spencer and myself. And good rest for all of us from now until then. The husband has been so busy working every day either at the church building or at his big job or at his little second job. We are looking forward to the holidays and to meeting our sweet boy dos :) and Wesley is so excited for him. I know the changes will be tough on my little man, but he's an amazing kid and I know he is going to LOVE being a big brother.

Ok, more to come. Including some fun pictures! Woo!

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