Monday, November 29, 2010

The End of November

I had a little photo shoot with my boys on mine and Nathan's big King sized bed the other day. It was extremely random and VERY short, but so much fun.

Wesley is such a supremely doting big brother. I knew he would be with his gentle manner. And even though the tenacious side of him rears it's colorful head (as a healthy little boy should), I just love how tender and loving my firstborn is.

Spencer is doing great, by the way. We had his post op check up today with Dr. Burk and things are great. Took those darn staples out of that big incision on that little back and he did so good. Bless his sweet little heart.

I've been thinking how the month of November has flown by. So much has happened for our little family in such a few short weeks. From the 28th of October, marking the birth of our sweet littlest love, to today, I can't believe all that has transpired. It's pretty surreal, for sure!

A few things that happened in November:
  • We had Spencer's first check up.
  • Found out that Spencer had a Sacral Dimple
  • My baby dos had a Sonogram
  • Then an MRI
  • Then Surgery
  • Nate took the GMAT test
  • Nate passed the GMAT test
  • Uncle Brandon came to town
  • Uncle Brandon made the best Thanksgiving dinner around
  • Wesley was spoiled by Uncle Brandon
  • My dad moved to Houston for his new job
  • Mom stayed behind and helped me with Spencer
  • Oh yea, I am adjusting to this thing called Mommy of two kids
  • My parents put a For Sale sign out in their front yard
  • I tried not to cry about it
  • We went to church for the first time as a family of four
  • We realized what a large community of friends and family we have that support and love us endlessly.
I also realized that Christmas is upon us and I haven't done ANY shopping. Time to hit the sales, the stores, and start getting crafty. Don't be surprised if your gift this year is a painting or a print! :)

Happy Advent Season, my friends. It's a beautiful time of year and we have much to give praises for!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Twinkle Lights

It's that beautiful, special time of year.

The twinkle lights are showing themselves on houses and trees.
The smells are sweet as can be.
The paper you see is colorful and shiny.
And there are smiles everywhere you look.

My smile is waning significantly today, though, because it's the perfect day to snuggle with my love and he has to work.
And work in the rainy coldness.

It bums me out and makes me feel almost grinchy :)

We had a delightful Thanksgiving yesterday.
Slept in until 8:30!
Made it to my parents house by 10:30.
Had a lovely lunch with my fun family.
Snoozed and read and lazed around all afternoon with everyone.
Headed to the Angerstein casa for some Payne family fun.
Lots of good food.
Even more fun conversation.
Such a good first Thanksgiving for us as a family of four.

And Spencer is doing marvelously. He is so wonderful to hold.
And Wesley and his imagination....I will always marvel at how well crafted the Lord made us. So unique. So special.

We are blessed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

So Spencer passed his post op tests! We are so delighted to already be home as I type this.

This afternoon our surgeon came in to check on Spencer and was very pleased by Spencer's superb progress. And truly, from the little baby in pain last night, to the wide-eyed bundle today....well, let's just say this mama is very happy to see the change in him.

We really can't thank you enough or adequately enough for your encouragement and love.

No. Seriously.

Thank you.

And just please continue to pray for our family as we recover. Specifically for rest for us all. And for my own recovery. I am feeling the physical effects from the stress today more than ever. It feels so strange that only three weeks ago I was rolling into an O.R. to deliver Spencer, and just 21 days later, I was kissing Spencer as they wheeled him into an O.R. Wow.

Wesley has been with my mom for the past 4 days and you can understand the emotional stress that he's been under as well, without even fully comprehending it all.

So your continue prayers and affection is most welcome.

I will post pictures soon!

Spencer: An Update

Good morning, my friends!
I am just now having a chance to sit down and write a proper update. Updating from the phone is all good and swell, but I have little patience for typing on those little keypads. :)

Spencer did fantastic during surgery. The surgery itself took longer than the surgeon anticipated and discovered that it was a little more involved than we thought. The tissue was actually further into the bone than the MRI showed , but Dr. Burk is satisfied with his work and got the job done that needed to be accomplished. He is pleased with how well Spencer did and though his age is so small, he is doing fantastic.

It was incredibly heartbreaking for me to see my sweet little love moaning and aching from the pain. He is able to sleep on his back or his side, and for 24 hours needs to keep his head and tailbone alined. So I haven't been able to hold my littlest love. Truly, the ache of seeing your child so vulnerable is a scar that I shall not forget. It hurts.

Thankfully, you, our friends, have been an incredible community of support. Continue praying specifically that Spencer passes all post op tests (bladder function, etc) and that we can go home on Sunday and begin the recovery process. I will keep you all up to date as soon as I know more.

We feel all of your great love and prayers and good thoughts. It certainly isn't an easy experience for us to go through, but I have to praise God that it wasn't worse. I sat in that surgical waiting room, just grieving for the pain that many of those children are experiencing, and the resulting pain that the parents are feeling. I saw a mother weeping while her child was in the PICU and I just ached for her. I cling to the hope that I have in Jesus during these difficult times and especially praise the Lord for my husband, a constant tower of peace. God certainly knew what he was doing pairing us together.

In fact, the day that we found out that Spencer's chord was tethered, we left the hospital and the song playing was Dave Barne's song "God Gave Me You" and it just made me weep and praise the Lord for giving me a husband who I can trust, and walk through life with. Through the sunshine and the shade. This song (I posted it here on my blog. If you are reading this in facebook you need to go to in order to see the video) isn't just a song that makes me think of my husband. Though he is the greatest encourager in my life, all of you have been so instrumental and helping me to keep my chin up. Really. Personal shout outs are coming your way.

We have had some friends in town from Las Vegas this week, and while we are disappointed that we weren't able to spend the weekend with them like we had hoped, they have been a great encouragement to us. Their own son went through quite a serious surgery when he was only four months old. So these forever friends, Aaron & Kerre, have been wonderful to have around. The Lord just knew we would need their lovin'.

I will keep you posted, my friends! Continue praying! And truly, your texts and messages and wall posts brighten our day. Thank you. Thank you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spencer's Sugery, what??

So here it is, friends.

My sweet little Spencer love is going into surgery tomorrow morning at 11am.

Wow, I know.

Some of you we've told, many of you, we haven't. But mostly because this has all happened so quickly. And also because it's made me so weepy, that it's been hard for me to verbally discuss it.

So let me start at the beginning for those of you who are unaware of the situation.

Spencer was born with a small white tuft at the base of his spine, which the doctors have informed us is called a "sacral dimple". When we took him in to his first pediatric visit, the doctor suggested we have a sonogram done on it to determine whether it's something we should be concerned about or if it's just a birthmark.

The sonogram showed that his spinal cord is lower than normal and is actually "tethered" to a rather large mass of tissue. Because of the results of the ultrasound, they sent us to Driscoll for an MRI. And up to this point, nobody had discussed with us the ramifications of this tethered cord and what it all means.

Yesterday Spencer had his MRI, and the results showed exactly what the sonogram did. That Spencer has a tethered spinal cord and surgery must be done in order to prevent any sort of problems later. He could grow normally without surgery, and then slowly symptoms will start to show and then it would be too late. The damage would have already been done.
But with the surgery, all that will be avoided and he can grow into a healthy, active human being. The outlook on it all is quite positive and he will only need to be in the hospital for the weekend. Praise the Lord!

So with all that said, we so appreciate your prayers. Dr. Burk, the surgeon, is very knowledgeable and we praise God for his wisdom and that we were able to detect this sooner and not later when surgery would be more difficult. Pray for Dr. Burk and his team and those that will be caring for our little love. It's been quite stressful for me and I've so needed the texts and love that some of you who have known have been sending me. Nathan stayed overnight with Spencer while I came home to find rest and the sleep was so good for this weary soul.

If you have any questions or want to catch up with us, just send us a text or feel free to call or message me. We truly appreciate your prayers. Truly.

Monday, November 01, 2010

We had a baby

just FYI
we had a baby
it's a boy :)
and he is awesome.

big brother is awesome
mama is recovering (slowly)
papa is a hero

we are so loved.
we are so blessed.

Update on our world coming soon.

but for now....
isn't he beautiful?