Monday, November 29, 2010

The End of November

I had a little photo shoot with my boys on mine and Nathan's big King sized bed the other day. It was extremely random and VERY short, but so much fun.

Wesley is such a supremely doting big brother. I knew he would be with his gentle manner. And even though the tenacious side of him rears it's colorful head (as a healthy little boy should), I just love how tender and loving my firstborn is.

Spencer is doing great, by the way. We had his post op check up today with Dr. Burk and things are great. Took those darn staples out of that big incision on that little back and he did so good. Bless his sweet little heart.

I've been thinking how the month of November has flown by. So much has happened for our little family in such a few short weeks. From the 28th of October, marking the birth of our sweet littlest love, to today, I can't believe all that has transpired. It's pretty surreal, for sure!

A few things that happened in November:
  • We had Spencer's first check up.
  • Found out that Spencer had a Sacral Dimple
  • My baby dos had a Sonogram
  • Then an MRI
  • Then Surgery
  • Nate took the GMAT test
  • Nate passed the GMAT test
  • Uncle Brandon came to town
  • Uncle Brandon made the best Thanksgiving dinner around
  • Wesley was spoiled by Uncle Brandon
  • My dad moved to Houston for his new job
  • Mom stayed behind and helped me with Spencer
  • Oh yea, I am adjusting to this thing called Mommy of two kids
  • My parents put a For Sale sign out in their front yard
  • I tried not to cry about it
  • We went to church for the first time as a family of four
  • We realized what a large community of friends and family we have that support and love us endlessly.
I also realized that Christmas is upon us and I haven't done ANY shopping. Time to hit the sales, the stores, and start getting crafty. Don't be surprised if your gift this year is a painting or a print! :)

Happy Advent Season, my friends. It's a beautiful time of year and we have much to give praises for!

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