Thursday, December 23, 2010


We are loving our first Christmas as a family of four! We pray your Christmas is joyful, healthy, and happy! Celebrate! Have some laughs. Enjoys the smiles of those you surround yourself with. Love deeply, passionately, and fully this Christmas and everyday.

We look forward to teaching our little loves the beauty and magic of Christmastime while walking in faith and seeking the true King of Kings from whom all our joys and blessings flow! It delights my heart to see the grins on the faces of the people I love. Such JOY! And I love having my family all together. :)

Happy Christmas my beloveds!
<3 Jade & co.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Psalm 115:1

Monday, December 20, 2010

Camille's Ice Cream

You know how I love to support local business. Coffee Waves is one of my favorites. Hester's Cafe. The Bleau Frog. Janet's Cakery, etc. We have a lot of great local places here in town that I absolutely love and adore and there's a new place I need to make a shout out to. They have hand dipped ice cream and it is oh so yummy! (Can we say peppermint oreo!) Camille's Ice Cream! They are next door to one of my personal favorite places to eat: Freebirds. If you are ever needing a cute place to go on a date (my ideal date) head over to Freebirds. Grab some dinner. Then head over to Camille's next door and grab some dessert. :) They have cheesecake too! (also a personal favorite dessert of mine). Now if only there was a Freebirds and a Camilles inside a BOWLING ALLEY....then that would be my perfect date. :) Non-smoking of course.

Wow, how easily distracted I become...

Anyways, this past Saturday, Nate and I were discussing how we had been wanting to take the boys (yes, it's still weird for me to say "kids" plural hehe) to see Santa. I really wanted a picture, but the line at the mall is horrendous and the cost is just sick to me. Especially since I'm a photographer. Ha! I hate bloated prices. Sick sick sick! (Ok, I could go on and on...)

Thankfully, Camille's had a FREE SANTA picture day and Tawny gave me a reminder call and 2 hours later, my beautiful bambinos and her pretty as a princess Kya were sitting with jolly ol' St. Nick. It was wonderful.

I am in love with the pictures. My sweet little loves first brother's pic with Santa. Wesley and his good buddy Kya got a pic together also.

Thank you Camille's! You made this mama so happy.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Worlds Apart

"Worlds Apart"

I am the only one to blame for this
Somehow it all ends up the same
Soaring on the wings of selfish pride
I flew too high and like Icarus I collide
With a world I try so hard to leave behind
To rid myself of all but love
to give and die

To turn away and not become
Another nail to pierce the skin of one who loves
more deeply than the oceans,
more abundant than the tears
Of a world embracing every heartache

Can I be the one to sacrifice
Or grip the spear and watch the blood and water flow

To love you - take my world apart
To need you - I am on my knees
To love you - take my world apart
To need you - broken on my knees

All said and done I stand alone
Amongst remains of a life I should not own
It takes all I am to believe
In the mercy that covers me

Did you really have to die for me?
All I am for all you are
Because what I need and what I believe are worlds apart

I look beyond the empty cross
forgetting what my life has cost
and wipe away the crimson stains
and dull the nails that still remain
More and more I need you now,
I owe you more each passing hour
the battle between grace and pride
I gave up not so long ago
So steal my heart and take the pain
and wash the feet and cleanse my pride
take the selfish, take the weak,
and all the things I cannot hide
take the beauty, take my tears
the sin-soaked heart and make it yours
take my world all apart
take it now, take it now
and serve the ones that I despise
speak the words I can't deny
watch the world I used to love
fall to dust and thrown away
I look beyond the empty cross
forgetting what my life has cost
so wipe away the crimson stains
and dull the nails that still remain
so steal my heart and take the pain
take the selfish, take the weak
and all the things I cannot hide
take the beauty, take my tears
take my world apart, take my world apart
I pray, I pray, I pray
take my world apart

Jars of Clay

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December joy

We woke up this morning to cuddly, cozy weather (well as cuddly and cozy as South Tejas gets) and I was overjoyed to see that December has begun! My dearest, and most favorite month of the year. The lights, the cuddles, the hot chocolate and special memories. It is a fantastical month and I pray that you all get to celebrate the beauty of this advent season.

Here are the boys this morning, bright and early :)

What special memories or traditions does the month of December bring to your family? What excites you about December?

Happy First of December, my beloved friends!