Monday, December 20, 2010

Camille's Ice Cream

You know how I love to support local business. Coffee Waves is one of my favorites. Hester's Cafe. The Bleau Frog. Janet's Cakery, etc. We have a lot of great local places here in town that I absolutely love and adore and there's a new place I need to make a shout out to. They have hand dipped ice cream and it is oh so yummy! (Can we say peppermint oreo!) Camille's Ice Cream! They are next door to one of my personal favorite places to eat: Freebirds. If you are ever needing a cute place to go on a date (my ideal date) head over to Freebirds. Grab some dinner. Then head over to Camille's next door and grab some dessert. :) They have cheesecake too! (also a personal favorite dessert of mine). Now if only there was a Freebirds and a Camilles inside a BOWLING ALLEY....then that would be my perfect date. :) Non-smoking of course.

Wow, how easily distracted I become...

Anyways, this past Saturday, Nate and I were discussing how we had been wanting to take the boys (yes, it's still weird for me to say "kids" plural hehe) to see Santa. I really wanted a picture, but the line at the mall is horrendous and the cost is just sick to me. Especially since I'm a photographer. Ha! I hate bloated prices. Sick sick sick! (Ok, I could go on and on...)

Thankfully, Camille's had a FREE SANTA picture day and Tawny gave me a reminder call and 2 hours later, my beautiful bambinos and her pretty as a princess Kya were sitting with jolly ol' St. Nick. It was wonderful.

I am in love with the pictures. My sweet little loves first brother's pic with Santa. Wesley and his good buddy Kya got a pic together also.

Thank you Camille's! You made this mama so happy.

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