Sunday, January 09, 2011


Some of my beloved friends in the north are getting several blizzardy inches of beautiful, dangerous, miraculous snow.

Like Lorelai Gilmore, I have a deep fancy for snow.

Nate took me to the Rocky Mountains for our honeymoon, knowing the deep love that I have for the big, beautiful sky that is interrupted by big, beautiful snow-capped peaks. Oh, all those lovely trees! :) Real treas. Not this ridiculous mesquite or palm nonsense that surrounds us here.

The Christmas before Nate proposed to me, it snowed. It was a beautiful, miraculous sight. And our coastal town never looked lovelier. Oh, it was brilliant.

I look forward to the day that I can introduce my little loves to the magic of the snow-filled days. Building snowmen, creating snow angels, cheeks flushed with delight. And drinking hot tea or hot chocolate to warm the toes following the delirious fun.

For now, I'll enjoy the sunshine and milder temperatures and be thankful we aren't snowed in. Though, being snowed in with my little family doesn't seem like that awful of a thing. :) For I am surrounded by great minds filled to the brim with joyful imagination.

xo j a d e

Oh and p.s.: that picture is from our honeymoon. Self timer'd the camera. :) My, how young we look. Don't you think?

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  1. I drove through snow on my way home from Dallas last weekend! It was so pretty. Love this picture of you guys. I hope it's framed.