Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It just makes sense

I bought my first cell phone when I was just turning 17. The summer after my sophomore year of high school, I believe. My mom had decided to get one (my dad had already had a cell phone since 1996) and I thought it was time that I get one! So mom and I went over to Voicestream and bought ourselves 2 matching Nokia phones (Zack Morris, anyone?) and I instantly became connected. You could reach me at any time, because I had my nifty little silver cell phone and it had some seriously righteous ringtones. Haha.

Many years later, 9 if you really want to know, I joined the world of the "Smart Phone". Being a business owner, a mom of two, a wife to a very busy, hardworking man, and a friend to many, it just made sense for me to be in the inner circle of smartys. I remember telling Nathan, "I'm a smart person, it just makes sense that my phone should reflect that."

I was stuck in a T-Mobile contract. I got a Vibrant (Android). I dug it for a while. It was fast, smooth, had a few "neat" apps. But it just wasn't cutting it. The best part about it was the lightning fast text....but really, I hate to text. Call me lazy. Whatever.

Then, an opportunity presented itself for me to get out of my contract and get what I have always wanted.....an iPhone.

It was like I was Rapunzel seeing the floating lights. I was right where I needed to be. :) I honestly would break out into song if I could.

And now I look back on nearly 10 years of cell phone use and I just laugh at how far those Zack Morris phones have come.

xo jade

PS I am a little obsessed with iPhone photography. I think I'll join the ranks of photographers who use their iPhones as a means to exercise their creative juices and publish a book of their endeavors.


  1. Wow, you remembered when you got your first phone. I wish I could remember!

  2. Yeah, I can totally relate on the iPhone photography. Try "Camera+" on the iPhone. I like it.