Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has it really been 11 days since I last sat before you shrieking over my busy life? Indeed, our tiny house has seen very little of the four of us these past weeks. We've been in, out, and far, far away (well....a few hundred miles at least). I love the adventure of our lives, but I often find myself pining for a quieter, less restricted, less calendared life. I long for tall trees and winding rivers and mountains in the distance. I very rarely find myself desiring to walk on the beach.

I do cherish the sound of the waves and the way salt smells. Sunscreen and sweat and salt are one of my favorite scents. It comes from my long, sweaty, beautiful summers living at camp. And I look back to when my mom used to take Brandon and me to the beach very early as the sun was just awakening to explore the dunes and water's edge for treasures. We would carry our buckets of sludge, shells, and hermit crabs (who were no doubt praying for a swift end) to my grandmother's house and proudly lay our treasures before her.

The beach also awakens memories of our friend Joe to my mind. Maybe because I stood at the water's edge so many times that fall yearning for his safe return. Pleading in my heart for his rescue. Wishing he would come home. Sometimes when Nate and I have lunch, we sit on one of the T-heads or at the Barge dock, enjoying the beauty of the day with the windows rolled down, amd I look out across the water and feel that dull ache that reminds me of what we've lost and what heaven has gained. I miss that man, so.

But even these cherished memories of the beach are not enough to deter my desires for the mountains and trees. Palm trees dot our coastal town and I just wish for tall great oaks to swing from. To sit under. To dream under.

Wesley told me today "I wish I knew how to climb a tree. I just don't know how." and while it made me laugh, it made me secretly yearn for a house nestled in a hill among the trees. I know that Nathan is weary of me saying it, so this will be my last narrative concerning the topic. (right. ha!)
So for now, I leave you with a picture of a tree that I would love to visit someday.
This picture was shot at The Avenue, Shotover Estate, Oxfordshire, England
Isn't it perfect?

xo jade

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  1. Beautiful. And it's possible to have that here. The Webb casa has a HUGE Oak tree in the yard. I used to climb up there and sit in it and daydream. And we built a wooden platform in the branches and hung a rope swing from it. :) I still love that tree. I tell my parents that if they move they have to take it with them. :) <3 your sweet heart Jade.