Friday, March 11, 2011

Smiling faces

Aren't these faces just the best?

I certainly have had quite a bit piling up these last few days, and tonight was a refreshing change of scenery for my little family! We were able to spend some joyful moments hanging around some friends of ours out at their farmhouse and big brother was just loving every moment. Dirt, rocks, goats, smiling faces....who wouldn't love that?!

Time to tuck in!
xo jade

"Once in a hotel dining-room, I said, rather too loudly, "I loathe prunes." "So do I" came an unexpected six-year-old voice from another table. Sympathy was instantaneous. Neither of us thought it funny. We both knew that prunes are far too nasty to be funny. That is the proper meeting between man and child as independent personalities." CS Lewis

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  1. Oh my gosh! Love those sweet Floyds...and their mom is going to treasure those memories Jadie. What a high calling, capturing moments for lovebirds and families. I wish we had a friend like you around when the Webb sibs were growing up. We have very few photos together when we were little if you can believe that! But my mom was just so busy with six of us...and I would absolutely LOVE to have some photos like that when we were littles. They will just treasure these! :)