Sunday, March 06, 2011

Waiting for Spring

My little family loves the changing of the seasons. To see the heat of summer slip away and step into the lovely, swirly, falling leaves of autumn is sweet relief. But also to see the biting cold of winter drifting off to sleep is a wonderful feeling of renewal. I absolutely love our Springtime. I wish it lasted longer, for summer is too much of a harsh reality for us southerners and we soon will be praying for the relief of the winter months. But for one brief moment, we celebrate the arrival of Spring. The wildflowers begin to bloom and the sunlight has a fresh, newborn look about it. We spend endless hours outside, soaking in the sunshine and the wind, tossing rocks into pools of water and picking buttercups for our basket of "Lost Things". I am amazed at the joy my big boy gets by exploring and imagining. One of my greatest pastimes is to watch his little mind work and to anticipate the fun he and his brother will have once the smaller one is able to join the older outside. Though, I don't wish for time to pass by, I do look forward to the fun they will have (in addition to the fun they already share in their own little ways) in the great outdoors of Spring.

We welcome you, Spring...

xo jade

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