Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey kids--the boys and myself have been in Houston since last Friday visiting with my parents, enjoying some R&R (missing the hubs, though) and just playing with Nanny & Papi! We love visiting them. Their new home is so beautiful and spacious. And Wesley is in love with their big yard. He just runs laps all day :)

Anyways, here are a few Instagram pics for your enjoyment. Can you believe I haven't even pulled out my MarkII at all this trip? I think I'm a little burnt out on taking pictures :)
...right ;)

xo, jade!

Monday, May 02, 2011


So things that have happened since last I posted:

  • We celebrated Easter with much joy and wind (thank you crazy South Tejas)
  • I participated in Art Worship at our church on Easter. It was special and new and I hope it's done again soon. (pics of the art to come)
  • The boys got sick (no thanks to you, gnarly wind!)
  • The husband worked, worked, worked (busiest weeks ever!)
  • I took pictures, after pictures, after pictures (it's that time of year!)
  • The boys are still sick (boo!)
  • Now Jade is unwell (boo!) Seriously. The mama's should NEVER get sick. ;)
  • A cold front blew in from the good ol North and whaddaya know, I'm not well enough to enjoy it! But still, refreshing--not interested in getting back to the 100's next week.
  • We saw my wonderful family over the holidays. How I love them and miss them.
  • Baby boy has begun to "LUNGE" with all his might. Crawling is not far away!
  • Big boy has made me smile and laugh more than ever. Love his joy and humor!
  • Began planning my BFF's 26th birthday dinner for this week. Shrimp, here I come!

Prayers for good health in my little casita would be so tremendously appreciated.
xo, jade