Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wesley Tales

A conversation between Wesley and a friend of mine from church:

{Wesley was recounting how I hurt my knee and how he had come to my rescue with kisses and bandaids}

Nancy: Did you take care of your mommy?
Wes: Yes! I did!
N: Did you kiss her boo-boo
W: Yea-ya!
N: That's so nice, did you pray for your mommy?
W: {pausing, thinking} uhh... Nope
N: You can always pray for your mommy. Anytime you want, you just call out to Jesus and he will listen.
W: Yea! Jesus live in our hearts!
N: That's right!
W: And Jesus will never leave our hearts
N: That's right!
W: And sometimes Santa comes to visit! But Santa's not real. I'm going to go get my monster truck!

It was a pretty funny little conversation. His animated smiles, his thoughtful questions, and his sensitive heart are some of my favorite things about him. He makes me supremely happy and I'm so thankful that God knew that Nathan and I were ready for children when we didn't even know we were.

xo jade

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thirty, flirty, and thriving

When I was a teenager I had great plans for my future as a wife and mother. I could wait on the whole "mother" part, but the wife thing, I was pumped about. I'd followed great women in literature my whole life and was passionate about passion. I loved Jane Austen's beautiful happy endings, and the whimsical, silly adventures that led to those endings. I wasn't a stranger to Francine Pascal's dramatic teeny, tweeny, romantic teen novels. I absolutely LOVED to read about Romance God's Way, via Eric + Leslie Ludy. They were my heroes of love and an incredible inspiration to my heart. It is a lengthy list indeed full of people who inspired me, motivated me, and aided in my excitement for marriage. I would seriously bore you. No, seriously.

And while I can't help but thank the books on my shelves for their happy direction towards wedded bliss, my story wouldn't be complete if it weren't for the two people who inspire me every day in not just the arena of love, but in all wonderful avenues of life.

My folks.

You see, Steve + Nancy are what the kids call, "the bomb diggity". They are the coolest of cool... My mom is a unique type of lady. She's fancy. She's fun. She has a way of coloring the world with her whimsy and cheer. She was a mother to so many of my friends growing up, listening to their heartaches and laughing with them and encouraging their triumphs. She loved and sacrificed for much of her family, siblings, nieces, nephews, GREAT-nephews and nieces, etc. Now she gets to love her grandbabies with that same fervor that she has shown to so many others. She's that person who will brighten a stranger's day with her kindness. And my dad is always smiling, and is such a dedicated and hardworking father. He taught me to love books and storytelling. His fascination with history and the world inspired me to keep dreaming. He always reminded me that I could accomplish anything. And constantly reminded me to be the best that I could be. And he still encourages me today. He has one of my favorite smiles. And really good taste in music.

Their marriage inspires me. I love to see them laugh and have fun. They laugh so much. They are silly. They hold hands and kiss and flirt. They show affection. They've walked through dark times, hand in hand. They've celebrated wonderful victories together with big grins and happy cheers. They are brave, for at the age of 50 they picked up and moved to a new city from a town they grew up in, to make new friends, and have new adventures. They love constantly and fully and spoil their grandsons with immense delight. Wesley loves my parents so deeply and sweetly and I see Spencer light up whenever they are near. Nathan and I are so blessed to have their counsel and their support in this journey of life and we can't thank God enough for providing us with such special parents in Nancy & Steve.

Yesterday, the tenth of July was their THIRTY year anniversary. I raise my glass in honor of their remarkable accomplishments. I know they didn't do anything too fancy for their anniversary, because of busyness and my mom has been under the weather, but if you see or speak to them, congratulate them. They have taught me some difficult and wonderful lessons in life, and I am forever thankful for those two.

I love you mom & dad. You really are the bomb diggity.
xo, jade

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Missed us?

I only wrote one, single, solitary, sad, poor-excuse-for-a-post in June.

And here it's well into the first week of July.

I owe you, blog world.

My boys are growing

Times are changing

And I've got lots to share!!

xo, jade