Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wesley Tales

A conversation between Wesley and a friend of mine from church:

{Wesley was recounting how I hurt my knee and how he had come to my rescue with kisses and bandaids}

Nancy: Did you take care of your mommy?
Wes: Yes! I did!
N: Did you kiss her boo-boo
W: Yea-ya!
N: That's so nice, did you pray for your mommy?
W: {pausing, thinking} uhh... Nope
N: You can always pray for your mommy. Anytime you want, you just call out to Jesus and he will listen.
W: Yea! Jesus live in our hearts!
N: That's right!
W: And Jesus will never leave our hearts
N: That's right!
W: And sometimes Santa comes to visit! But Santa's not real. I'm going to go get my monster truck!

It was a pretty funny little conversation. His animated smiles, his thoughtful questions, and his sensitive heart are some of my favorite things about him. He makes me supremely happy and I'm so thankful that God knew that Nathan and I were ready for children when we didn't even know we were.

xo jade

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