Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I cannot tell a lie. All the pictures that are being splashed across facebook of the sweet little munchkins on their first day of school are making me emotional. I just read a blog that covered ALL the details of her son's first day of Kindergarten.....and I just nearly lost it.

My firstborn son will be FOUR this winter, my (what I thought was a newborn!) baby will be ONE this fall...and my heart feels as if it will surely burst. How did that happen? Time, why are you so fleeting? Why is this happening so quickly? I still am unsure of the direction we will take with Wesley, education wise, but know this: my tears will be shared with one and all. I look at the growing boys that live beneath our roof and know that Nathan feels the same as me...they are growing too quickly.

My brother has been teasing Wesley. He grabs his cheeks and shakes him and says "NEVER GROW UP" (Adam Sandler reference?) and Wesley responds with "BUT I HAVE TO!!"

I know a lot of moms look forward to the days their kids are in school, needing that time to themselves for personal or work reasons. But I just know that I will miss the boys so much. I feel as if I miss them already, when I look into their eyes and see them changing and growing. I delight in their wonderful milestones, but I do long for the newborn days when I could just snuggle and rock them all day long. It brings me such joy seeing them advance and develop, so don't get me wrong. I WANT to see them grow and pursue life and love and Jesus. I desire to see them grow into strong men with courage and peace and JOY. I have many prayers that go before them for the future. But for now, I will cuddle them close, give kisses, and get down on the floor and play with their race cars (that Uncle probably bought).

I love the sweet, beautiful, adventurous boys that the Lord has chosen Nathan and I to shepherd. I just can't stop marveling at....yes...how quickly they grow.

........so blessed...
xo, jade

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  1. Thanks a lot...you made me cry at work! :) I know Dixie is struggling with this already. Have you heard Taylor Swift's song "Never Grow Up"? Don't listen to it. Okay, listen to it. But beware. It's sad. You are such a sweet mama Jade. <3