Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Hipstamatic Post

1.) sleeping baby 2.) exploring the river

3.) Nine months old 4.) At the bookstore

5.) My new Kelly Moore Camera Bag 6.) I spotted a sea dragon at the beach

7.) My love+me at the beach 8.)My smallest + me in our hallway

9.) Pizza Hut tee 10.) The shirts I ordered from 10againclothing

11.) The Sea Dragon again 12.) Me about to go make friends with it.

Obviously August has arrived and I'm forced to sit here and attempt to recall all that has happened in our little home since I last informed you.
  • We had a tropical storm form in the gulf
  • We excitedly went to the beach to wait for it
  • Said Tropical Storm decided to stand us up
  • My brother came for a visit
  • Jamie and I have been so busy with weddings and all the good stuff in between
  • I took some pictures
  • And some more pictures
  • We went to the river
  • It was sad and dry, but still so beautiful
  • Ive only been following my kids around with my iphone and not my real camera (shows how busy I've been with other shoots)
  • Nate and I have been enjoying his month off before his classes start again (mba)
  • I have so MANY great painting ideas swirling and swishing around in my head, but I have yet to find a moment to paint
  • The boys are growing as they should be.

Until I can properly sit here and write all that has been occuring in my head and my heart, I leave you with the above Hipstamatic shots from my iphone :)

xo jade

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  1. 12 comments for 12 hipstamatic prints. :) 1) I can't believe Spence is so big! I need to see him! 2) I am completely in love with the river and could sit in an intertube my whole life. 3) Wes is way too old and adorable. 4) That TOTALLY looks like a sea dragon! Or Nessie, our underwater ally. 5) You got one of those camera bags?! I love it! 6) I want to see your hallway wall collage! Is it done? 7) I'm reworking the collage on my living room wall and I really want to pay you to paint me a little somethin' :) 8) You have been wearing cute tees lately! 9) Tropical Storm Don was a rip off but we are glad it didn't rain for the twin's birthday. 10) Hipstamatic pics are really the only reason I want an iphone but I don't want to pay for the internet. 11) That picture of Wesley in the bookstore makes me want to cry. He looks like he's in college. 12) Love you and love these pictures!!!