Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Gnome By Any Other Name

Wesley's face is the BEST
Our little Gnome Family
I know that my blogging has been slim to none lately. What with wedding season coming to a close and the fall rapidly-ish approaching, I've been sort of bouncing around with the free-er time and the happy cooler weather. And when I say "cooler" I mean, the heat index is no longer 113, and the actual temp is no longer 107. It's been a glorious and steady low 90s and we actually had some magical rain. It was amazing.

Two weeks ago our friends Shayna and Jacob had a joint birthday party for each other. It happened to also be a costume party, which sort of sent me on a frenzy finding the perfect costume for our family. It was a kid-friendly party, so naturally I wanted something that we could all be.

My dear sweet husby was absolutely NO help. Hahaha. He wouldn't make any suggestions that actually made sense. BUT we did finally settle on Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a pretty cute movie and originally the boys were going to be Benvolio and Toad (the mushroom) but we decided to just make them be our little Gnome babies. Mainly because I felt bad one getting a hat and not the other. Plus I knew Spencer wouldn't keep his mushroom hat on and Wesley really wanted to be a gnome. So thus, the little offspring of Gnomeo and Juliet came to be.

The Party (notice I capitalized it) was a great success. We set up a sort of photobooth (butcher paper on the wall and a tripod) with my camera and had great fun with it. We laughed a lot, had a costume contest (with really ridiculous categories) and had some tasty cake. I think we adequately celebrated Shayna and Jacob and made some fun memories too.
Gnomes in love: Juliet and her Gnomeo

 So there you have it. Our Gnomeo and Juliet family costumes. They were super cheap and easy. The hats were 75 cents each and hot glued. Nate made his beard out of a towel. Hahaha. The most expensive thing was my red tights. :) But they are super cute and will probably be worn again.

I told Nate yesterday that I really wanted to throw a halloween party this year in honor of Spencer's first birthday. I am sort of mulling the idea around in my head....

It's still hard to believe that my little baby is going to be ONE in a month. It's exciting and sad...mostly bittersweet. I am excited to celebrate with him, my sweet little gnome baby :)

xo, jade


  1. Oh! I thought you were supposed to be Mrs. Clause?? Hahaha...jk Jadie. I LOVE COSTUMES and you are the cutest little gnome fam I've ever seen! <3

  2. har-har-har :) way to splash my fears across the blogosphere for everyone to see. I mean what if John and Sherry come over and read my blog????? hahahaha

    jk, thanks!! I love our gnome costumes too. We're dweebs. :)

  3. Gnomeo and Juliet is perfect, and cheap too! awesome!
    One in a month! wow